First Listen: Releases ‘Reach For The Stars (Mars Edition)’ – The First Song Played On Another Planet


Earlier today we heard audio of the first human voice broadcast on planet Mars via NASA’s Curiosity Rover. At the time, we learned that will have the distinction as the first musician to have one of his songs broadcast on another planet in the same way, via Curiosity. At 4PM ET / 1PM PT, Curiosity will play the song embedded above Reach for the Stars (Mars Edition). Take a listen and hear the first song that will ever be broadcast on another planet by human beings. What do you think of Reach for the Stars?

UPDATE: Click below to watch video of talking about the message that he is trying to convey with Reach the Stars.

  • fmx

    Autotune is all we have to show for our humankind? Couldn’t they *send* him to mars instead?

  • Shannon

    Lol, I don’t know that this is the first thing I’d want the Martians to hear. But still… how cool is this?!

  • nicole

    its a neat idea and all…but if the aliens weren’t going invade before…they sure as hell are now. we’re screwed.

    • fmx

      aliens .. “humans are definitely fucked, earth is ours anytime now.” A part of me prefers miley cyrus to this.

  • as

    too bad they didn’t choose Britney’s oops i did it again, the video was in mars after all

  • rOXy

    Martians would listen for 3 nanoseconds before blasting it to smithereens with their gamaray guns. “It’s attacking!”