Soldiers Get Naked In Support Of Prince Harry


Last week the world was blessed with photos of a fully nekkid Prince Harry partying with some ladies in Las Vegas, NV. Since those photos came out, poor Harry has gotten some heat from folks who were not impressed with his behavior. In a show of solidarity and support, a Facebook group called Support Prince Harry with a Naked Salute sprung up and asked military folks all around the world to submit photos of themselves in various states of undress. Click thru the gallery below and see some of the submissions. Keep in mind, the photos may be NSFW but they do show that military personnel are very proud to show support for their fellow armed forces comrades … in any way they can ;)

  • Julie

    thank you Harry!!

  • nicole

    this is pretty awesome of them to do.
    and LOL at #9 with the superman symbol shaved on chest

  • Erica


  • kendra

    And again, as I am with Jackass, I’m baffled as to why groups of guys have no problems getting naked in front of each other..Not that I mind it, of course..It’s always just struck me as odd!

  • Ben@pr

    You are so right. They should be sculpting an 8-pack and eating no more that 5grams of carbs per day. But instead they are fighting wars to defend their country and guaranteeing human rights and liberties. They are so lazy, aren’t they?

  • Brent

    No I did not expect an 8 pack or anything, but if they are indeed out fighting wars and such then I doubt they have time to post naked pictures and such. Plus, I would expect them not to be flabby. I’m an attorney and never go to the gym but I eat right and am 5’10” 140 lbs. I’m guessing these guys sit around and eat Doritos rather than actually doing much. At the same time, I am very grateful for their service so don’t misunderstand. It was just my initial impression.