Solange Knowles Is The New Face Of ‘Madewell’


Madewell is a brand that I’m just becoming familiar with, and it’s all thanks to the one and only Solange. Beyoncé‘s baby sis is the new face of the fashion line and it all makes sense when you visit their website. Their clothes are bold, beauitful, and deliver an eclectic array of style and substance. In other words… I’ma need their polka dot dresses. And their multi-colored denim. And the cardigans. All of them. Now. Peep the gallery to see Solange do her thang in the new campaign photos. Their theme of is ‘Mix well. Madewell,’ and methinks Solange as the DJ/it girl exudes this image quite well. Plus, I’m hating on her hair. Totally gonna try to pull off that ‘fro in, like, 6-9 months. Gimme some time… and some Madewell. Stat!

What do you guys think of the campaign? Polka dot shorts anyone? I know one PITNBR who’s been feenin’ for some dots in her life… YoursTruly, where you at?


  • YoursTruly

    I ♥ Polka dots, right now! lol!

  • Jacqui

    I love!