New Photos Surface Of Naomi Watts As Princess Diana


A while back Trent gave us our first look at Naomi Watts as Princess Diana and many of you were impressed with her transformation, while others felt that a little something was missing (mainly in the hair department), and Naomi would have to do some more work to embody the beloved princess. Well, today we get another look at some photos of Naomi shooting the biopic, titled Caught In Flight. Peep the gallery to check out Naomi Watts as the beautiful Princess Di.

The title of the film makes even more sense now that we have these images of Naomi running away from paparazzi. What do you guys think? Do these photos make you a believer? I was pretty young when we lost Princess Diana, but from what I remember and from what I’ve seen since, Naomi bears an uncanny resemblance to the People‚Äôs Princess.

Interestingly enough, Jessica Chastain was originally cast as Diana, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. I luuurve Jessica, but it looks like Naomi Watts is doing just fine.

Caught In Flight currently has a 2013 release date in France.

Photo Credit: Splash News

  • Kile Ozier

    The Hair. Not even close.

    • @Kile Ozier — I disagree. I think she looks strikingly like Princess Di.

  • Ben@pr

    The hair is looking better but still needs improvement. She needs to project Diana’s signature shy gaze.