James Cameron And Chris Nolan Talk Filmmaking In A Keanu Reeves Production


When I heard that Keanu Reeves was narrating a movie, I chuckled a bit to myself. But now it all makes sense! The Matrix actor has produced an exciting new documentary that gets you up close and personal with Hollywood’s elite. Side By Side is about the art of filmmaking and the changes that come with. James Cameron, Chris Nolan, and [lurve of my life] Martin Scorsese are all on board talking about their experiences with the art form. And yes, the dreaded (or blessed, depending on your opinion) concept of 3D definitely comes up in discussion. I think this looks like a fantastic film and I cannot wait to hear what some of my favorite directors have to say about movie-making in 2012. Peep the trailer for more!

Side By Side is in theatres now.

  • Eric311

    I was hoping it would have been more along the lines of the matrix sequel(i’ve been imagining it from time to time for a while now, which you’ll notice if you check my comment >.> ..) from the rumors of the new matrix movie also found on this web site..