Harper Seven Beckham Begins Her Obsession With Shoes


Little Miss Harper Seven was seen in the company of her mother Victoria Beckham over the weekend as the ladies showed up to a birthday party at Giggles N’ Hugs here in LA and as you can see in the photo below, Harper was sportin’ a pair of FIERCE baby shoes. Now, it’s no secret that her mama Vicki B. is a huge fan of shoes (the higher heeled the better) so it should come as no surprise that VB is passing along her love of shoes to Harper. Check out Harper rockin’ her cute and sassy shoes below … it’s only ALL KINDS of adorable.

Her mother has made a name for herself as one of the foremost fashion designers in the industry, with celebrities all over the world rushing to wear her designs. And now it seems that Harper Beckham is set to follow in the very trendy footsteps of mother Victoria, judging by her outfit yesterday. Harper, who turned one last month, accessorised her summery dress with bow sandals and a matching pink ribbon in her hair. Harper attended a birthday party in LA today with mother Victoria at Giggles N’ Hugs. And as they left, as Victoria kept her head down per usual, while photogenic Harper stared directly at the waiting photographers. While Harper’s outfit was suitable for the balmy LA weather, Victoria opted for her usual black hues in a vest top and matching black trousers. Victoria teamed her outfit with a pair of pointed black court shoes and aviator sunglasses. The duo were no doubt enjoying a quiet day together after a particularly busy summer.

First off, baby fierce is FIERCE! You can just tell that Harper Seven is going to be the fashionista to end all fashionistas. These shoes are just the cutest … perfectly matched with her outfit and accessories, dang … homegirl has got it goin’ on. I’m sure it won’t be long until the shoes that Harper wears will start to have heels … I mean, I can already see it now. This is just the beginning, y’all. Just you wait and see.

[Photo credit: Fame; Source]

  • lexeeeee

    Ohhh my goodness. She is so beautiful!

  • ck

    Hate to say it… I don’t like those shoes :( They look horrible.

  • Megan

    She is so precious!