Watch: Ewan McGregor’s New Disaster Movie, ‘The Impossible’ Gets Major Oscar Buzz


Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts will star in The Impossible, a movie about the 2004 South Asian tsunami. Today, we get our first look at the trailer and, although it was quite moving (and I love me some Ewan), one can’t help but take issue with the fact that a major film about the devastating effects of the tsunami (which affected Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and many other countries in Southeast Asia and Africa)  is centered on a family of European tourists. But what are you gonna do? It’s Hollywood! And maybe the film might not be getting all this Oscar buzz otherwise. Anyhoo, racially specific storyline aside, I think the film looks very good. Based on a true story, Ewan plays a husband and father who (along with his two small boys) gets separated from his wife and eldest son. Peep the trailer and try not to cry. I tried. #FAIL

The Impossible hits theatres just in time for awards season, on December 21.


  • Nathan

    I saw the trailer for this yesterday. Definitely want to see it. On another semi related note, only because it’s based on true events, have you seen the trailer for Compliance? It’s based on the stories a couple years back when that man, acting as police, was calling fast food chains getting managers to strip search their employees.

  • steandric

    Great trailer starring Naomi Watts, and Ewan McGregor.
    The Director is praising the performances of Naomi Watts and Tom Holland in his Twitter.

  • steandric

    Great trailer starring Naomi Watts, and Ewan McGregor.
    The director is praising the performances of Naomi Watts and Tom Holland on Twitter.

  • JCZ

    Shannon – superb point you make. I couldn’t agree more. The real victims of this devastating tragedy were obviously those who perished but also the villagers and the residents of these countries who were left with nothing. Not the tourists who up and left when their Government bailed them out (Australia, included).

    Unfortunately, your point is even closer to the truth when you say it’s Hollywood – cause this wouldn’t have been made otherwise.

    With that aside, it looks like a terrific film. I mean, I haven’t felt that much power & emotion in a movie trailer all year. I had tears in my eyes. The one thing I loved was how it showed a lot of the movie – we know this family will come back together (at least I assume) but the purpose is their journey getting back there. It would have been nice if at least they put an Asian family in the story so we can see both sides: the tourist & the resident, but I can’t help think it would have jeopardised the power of the story.

    I cannot wait for this – I haven’t heard of it until now. How I hope Naomi Watts performance is as great as the trailer cause that goddess is well overdue for her bloody Oscar!!

  • somuchcloser

    UGH. Definitely cried my way through that.

    I definitely see your point, but from a storytelling side, I can understand the drama they were going for; you’re a tourist, enjoying a vacation, when this crazy natural disaster happens. You don’t have friends, neighbors, or a home village nearby, and you may not share a language with most of the people around you. It definitely adds drama, so I can see why they’d want to go with that, just to make it more of a culture shock sort of thing. But yeah, they could have done something with the people who actually lived in Asia…

  • Jessica

    damn you tears. Great points Shannon!

    • Shannon

      Jessica, lol. You were warned!

  • Alys


    • Shannon

      Alys, is that what I think it is? Did you just INVENT a crying face with semi-colons, lmao?!?!