Update: Snooki’s Baby Boy Is Here!


Special shouts-out to PITNBR Dot for staying up on the Lorenzo news! Moments after we reported that Snooki went into labor last night, Dot jumped on twitter and, sure enough, the reality star/new Mom had just tweeted the big news. Click inside for deets and tweets! And relive all of the Snooki/Jionni/baby bump romance in the gallery!

And MTV broke the news as well:

A rep for Polizzi told MTV, “The world just got another Guido!!! Lorenzo Dominic LaValle has entered the world weighing 6lbs, 5oz. Nicole, Jionni & Enzo are doing great!”

MTV shared in Snooki’s excitement: “We couldn’t be happier for Nicole and Jionni on the healthy delivery of their baby boy! We look forward to Lorenzo’s first trip to the Jersey Shore and can’t wait to see his first animal print onesie.”

I know you’re probably dying to learn more about this bundle of Jersey Shore-ian joy, but that’s all we got for now. However, since Lorenzo Dominic was born last night, August 25, we do know that he’s a Virgo. And we all know astrological signs are almost always on point. Here’s everything you need to know about baby Lorenzo:

Virgos are reputed to be adept at languages, to possess a love of literature, a deep interest in history and statistics, and a good memory for details. [5]

Virgo is considered a negative polarity or passive (introvert) sign.[6] This gives the characteristics of being reflective and receptive to the ideas of others. This passivity, accompanied by a flair for discrimination and eloquence with words has given Virgos a reputation for civility and good manners. They are said to have a talent for projects which require precision and detail, and to excel at skills and crafts which require patience and exactitude. On the negative, they are highly sensitive to perceived criticism, and can appear to worry unduly about the need to make things as perfect as they can be, though this is often something that others usually do not know because they tend to hide their emotions frequently. At the same time their over emotional element mash, Over-critical, (and can show wickedness) characteristics can be a barrier to success, although many don’t pick that up due the Virgo being so secretive.[7]:21 Joanna Watters (2003) defined a key phrase for this sign as “I serve”, and summarises the Virgo reputation for over-analysing emotions by saying: “One of the Virgo lessons in life is to learn that to err is human, to forgive divine, especially when it comes to love.”

Read more about Virgos and Lorenzo here.

So there you have it. Lorenzo (along with my eldest son, lol) will passionately study the humanities, be an introvert (AKA the total opposite of his mother), and  be crazy good at arts and crafts. Now we know.

When do y’all think we’ll get a pic of this lil’ guy? Do you think Snooki’s planning to debut him on any one of those magazines (US Weekly, People, etc.) or will we get a twit pic, like, now?!

Welcome Baby Lorenzo! And, as always, I wish tons of sleep to new parents Nicole and Jionni– like, at least four consecutive hours worth :)

[Source] [Source] [Photo Credit: Wenn/Twitter]

  • cmc

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone legitimately believe in astrology. That’s actually a surprise to me! No, I don’t think the date you were born on says anything about your personality :) That said, congrats to Snooki and (Insert Guy’s name here) on their new addition! Hope his life is healthy, happy, and he’s always loved!