Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Hot And That’s All There Is To It


So, this weekend my bff Michelle came to visit me from Boston and I was sooo friggen happy that she hadn’t gotten a chance to see The Dark Knight Rises yet! Finally! An excuse for me to go back and relive the magic! Seeing a movie again is so cool because there are always little things you missed the first time around. For example, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Deep breath. Okay. Here’s the thing about Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I didn’t realize… that he was so… um. Hot. There was some serious intensity behind those eyes! I’m thinking about that scene when he shows up at the Wayne mansion and asks Bruce Wayne to ‘come back’ as Batman, and then he tells his life story and he’s all angry– but composed– but hot. Okay yeah. Whew! Last week’s first installment of Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently brought us the young and sexy Graham Phillips. It’s all about JGL this week. Peep the gallery to confirm or deny my ‘hotness’ suspicions and click inside for more of me grappling with my newly-discovered attraction to the one and only JGL.

He speaks French, and Dumbo makes him cry. That’s all you need to know about Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

Okay, so yeah. JGL. Hotness. Like, when/how did this happen?! Y’all don’t understand how many times I watched Angels In The Outfield as a kid. LMAO. That was my ish! Had the VHS and everything! So when I started seeing grown-up JGL running around town, popping up in movies like Inception and 500 Days Of Summer, I was a little confused. He was like that kid who used to live next door but then he moved away, but then came back to the neighborhood like 12 years later and it’s all awkward cause you’re like, no! Noooo, we were buddies! It would be wayyyy too awkward if he was hot. But… he’s hot!

Guys, I’m going through a lot with this one, okay? Lol. I’m also questioning my ‘hot’ radar entirely because, as I was watching TDKR again, I found myself thinking romantical/totally naughty thoughts about Bane as well, so yeah. I clearly have some issues to work through. With Bane, not with JGL. I’m pretty sure he’s hot.

Fun fact I totally forgot (thank you IMDB): Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in one of my all-time favorite movies ever, Havoc with Anne Hathaway and Bijou Phillips. Do y’all remember this insane movie?!?! OMG. JGL playing a crazy gangsta white boy from the Pacific Palisades: that ish cray.

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  • Caitlin

    I have been in love with that boy since 10 things i hate about you and he just keeps getting better and better. Best thing about TDKR.

    • Shannon

      Caitlin, yeeeesss! Totally forgot about 10 Things… SUCH good times :)

    • Joan

      10 THINGS! Aw, Heath was also in it. Now I’m going to cry… :(

  • Nicole O’Brien

    Remember him on the TV show 3rd Rock from the Sun?? Who knew he would get sooo good-looking with age??

    • Shannon

      Nicole O’Brien, I don’t think ANYONE saw this coming, lol. He went from cuteness to hotness so quickly, lol. It’s awesome.

    • Serenity

      I totally thought of that show when I first noticed JGL was a hottie and was thinking, “Dude, when did the little kid from 3rd Rock get this smokin’?”

    • Lauri

      I had the BIGGEST crush on him on 3rd Rock…ha :)

    • emily

      OMG, I had such a huge crush on him from 3rd Rock! We’re the same age and it was deffo a reason for me to keep tuning in. He was just so darn adorable! And now he’s just HOT! My husband did not realize my crush until I started gushing after Dark Knight … he knows I’ll leave him for Mos Def any day, but I think he’s a little uncomfortable with this new news about JGL …. yummy. You’re so right Shannon, it’s those intense eyes.

    • Shannon

      emily I’m just seeing this comment, LMAO. Mos Def and JGL, huh? Kinda makes sense, lol :)

  • blaqfury

    JGL is great. Although he always confused me. His build looks like he’s short, but he’s kinda tall… it’s weird…lol But he’s a cutey nonetheless….

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, I’m crackin’ up over here. You’re so right about his build! But his overall look and presence totally put this issue out of mind :)

  • Alyssa

    Adorbs. Totally adorbs. We’re close enough in age that I thought he was cute in Angels in the Outfield when I was a little girl. I saw that hawtness coming a mile away. And he seems like such a nice guy, too, which makes him even HOTTER. Whew, I need to fan myself *Well I do declare!*

    • Shannon

      Alyssa! LMAO @ *Well I do declare!*


  • Megan
    • Shannon

      Megan, you interweb goddess, where did you find this???!!! Lol, it’s perfect. Thank you so much for sharing :)

    • Megan

      You’re welcome! It’s been floating about on Tumblr for years…there’s loads of funny ones with other celebs! His geeky past actually makes me love him more…swoon!

  • Luna

    You guys leave him alone!!!!!!! Joseph is mine!!!!!!! *koala-bear hugs him tightly and refuses to let go

    • Shannon

      Luna is about to start a CRAaaazzzy cat fight on this post, lmao!

  • woo

    mysterious skin and brick are pretty much my 2 fav jgl film

    • Shannon

      woo, thanks for commenting! Hadn’t heard of these films before but just checked them out on IMDB– the plots sounds great. And then there’s the JGL factor. I’ll def be checking these out!

  • YoursTruly

    @1:06: We get along swimmingly! Ahhh!!!-so cute! Another fun fact about Havoc- JGL appears along Mike Vogel- aka Johnny from The Help and Dean from Pan Am!

    • Shannon

      YoursTruly, if any guy ever tells me he hang out with Russian clowns… he’s getting wifed ON SITE. Lol!

      OMG Mike Vogel! Thank you for that one :)

  • rinachandayo

    Shannon! I can’t believe it’s taken you this long to notice him! You must watch some of his independent films before he hit the big mainstream movies. They are wonderful and he’s a great actor. Mysterious Skin, Brick, Manic.

    • Shannon

      rinachandayo, I am severely lacking in the JGL indie department, as you and woo have now pointed out, lol! I’m on it! And I DID notice him before, it was just hard (having seen him as a kid) to acknowledge the hotness. But now it’s official. He’s hot. Acknowledged.

  • LaLaLa

    I started lusting for him fairly recently too…. it was after I saw him sing R Kelly’s Ignition….. please youtube it. It’s amazingly hot.

    • Shannon

      LaLaLa………………………… O………..M………..G……….
      The best part is the second comment on youtube:

      “Why am I taking my pants off?”
      LMAO. Exactly.

      Checkie out you guys:

    • YoursTruly

      Ignition???!! OK that’s it, I’m DONE! He’s PURE HOTNESS!

  • Dach

    JGL is very handsome. I’ve been a fan of his work for a while. My two favorite movies by him are, Shadowboxer and The Lookout. I love how he becomes his character. I plan to check out Premium Rush during the holiday.

    • Shannon

      Dach, Shadowboxer!!! OMG yes! Totally forgot about that one.

  • Joan

    OMG yes, and his voice is so freaking hot as well!

    I confess: I was a big fan of 3rd Rock from the Sun back in the day and, well, back then I was as dorky as him so I didn’t mind him then either. LMAO!

    • Shannon

      Joan, it sounds like many of us have been harboring crushes on this guy. It feels good to address it in a safe, open space :)

  • Ella

    I licked my screen. I don’t even care.

    • Shannon

      Ella, no worries. You’re safe here, lol. We’re all licking the screen, either metaphorically or– in your case– literally ;)

  • Matt

    I totally agree with you. HOTNESS!