Watch: This Australian Group’s Electro Dubstep ‘Centipede’ Track Is The New Jam


Knife Party is an Australian electro house/dubstep duo that kind of just changed my life. Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen used to be members of the electronic rock band Pendulum but they’ve recently released their EP Rage Valley and now they have an official video for Centipede. I’m not a fan of this group’s name (I try to stay away from knife parties whenever possible), and I believe that all centipedes are evil beings sent here from the Hellmouth of nature… but I am so feelin’ this track! The beat is sick! And the title is appropriate, considering the rhythm of the piece. But if you loathe centipedes as much as I do, I recommend playing the video for the song’s sake and then pulling up another tab so you can check out those pics of Leonardo DiCaprio. Everyone else who ain’t never scurred, enjoy the video!


  • Khristopher Ranger

    Dubstep is awful crap. Should be banished from the planet.

    • Shannon

      Khristopher Ranger, noooooooo! I just discovered it and fell in like! Nooooo! Lol, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion ;)

  • kiskillilla

    My little brother saw them at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas this year. He said it was one of the best sets of the whole festival.

    Dubstep is like wine…it comes in a myriad of varieties. Some goes down smooth and sweet while others give you a straight up headache.

    • Shannon

      kiskillilla, are you a closet dubstep philosopher?

      “Dubstep is like wine‚Ķit comes in a myriad of varieties. Some goes down smooth and sweet while others give you a straight up headache.”

      Deep! And you’re so on point! Thanks for commenting– wasn’t sure if anyone else had heard of these guys, lol!

  • PixiesBassline

    I don’t understand why some people are so against dub step. I really don’t. But whatever. (Let’s ban them from the planet! ;)
    Shannon, I feel the same way you do about this song. Nice beat but I don’t even like hearing the word “centipede” over and over. *Shudder*

    • Shannon

      PixiesBassline, thanks for commenting! To each his own; my 15 year-old self would NOT support my current music tastes, lol ;)

      And yeah, I look forward to listening to more of their centipede-free music!