Showtime Releases New Promo Images From ‘Dexter’ Season 7

Meet the Morgans

Earlier this week we saw photos of Dexter star Michael C. Hall on the beach set of his show here in SoCal filming a new episode for the forthcoming 7th season. As you may recall, MCH was spotted with one of his former Dexter co-stars who will be making her return to the show this season (click HERE for a refresher on who that co-star is). Today we get to see a new batch of promo photos newly released by Showtime that are meant to tease the central relationship in the new season of Dexter. We all know that Dexter Morgan and his sister Deb will be facing a lot of challenges this coming season … but what will be the outcome of their, er, dilemma. I can’t WAIT to find out. Check out the photo gallery below, the pics are really fab.

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  1. Sam
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s really commendable that these two seem comply comfortable working with each other even after they got divorced. Also, I can’t wait for season 7 to start!!

  2. Alyssa
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    I’m really excited about Dexter this season, but these are really cheesy. Like the poster above me said, it’s great they can work together despite being divorced. But even if they were still happily married, these photos looks like the photographer made them try way too hard.

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