Paris Hilton Does Russian ‘GQ’ Magazine


The good news for Paris Hilton is that she is still in demand to appear in magazines … the bad news for Paris is that the magazines that want her aren’t the magazines that we, here in the US, have ready access to. Paris isn’t featured in the US version of GQ magazine … but she is featured in the new issue of Russian GQ … and that’s something, right? Click below to see the former celeb superstar vamping it up for the Ruskies in the pages of one of their biggest (I think) men’s magazines — if you dare.

You gotta give the girl props for trying. She never stops trying to be who she used to be … even tho she’s no longer the hot shizz she used to be. Bless her heart. I understand she is STILL hard at work on her new album. I believe she filmed a music video here in LA this week for one of her songs … tho, no word on when it might be released. But hey, she keeps trying. A+ for effort.

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  • TheFabFour

    I’m not a fan by any means, but you can’t deny that she looks fantastic in these photos! She looks great!

  • miguel

    Lord. She needs to chill with the party girl thing….she reminds me of that chick from the last episode of Sex & The City, when she falls out of the window….THAT’S going to be Paris HIlton.

    • @miguel — LOL! You are so right. Splat!