New Photos Surface From Christina Aguilera’s Music Video Shoot For ‘Your Body’


Earlier this week, Christina Aguilera shared a teaser photo from the set of the music video for her new single Your Body (which we got to hear in demo form on Thursday … before the song got yanked by the man) but today we get to see more substantial photos of Xtina on her music video set. As you can see below, Xtina is rockin’ a pink wig to match her pink shoes … matchy matchy. Click below to read some deets about the video … and find out why homegirl is carrying a baseball bat.

Christina Aguilera was spotted on the set of her “Your Body” music video looking feisty and hot. Xtina was photographed in a long pink wig with blunt bangs, hot pink heels and a body-hugging dress. Her look in the video certainly matches the Max Martin-produced track’s sexy vibe, on which she belts “I am a freak, I’m disturbed/ So come on and give me your worst/ We’re moving faster than slow/ If you don’t know where to go/ I’ll finish off on my own.” In her hot little black dress, Aguilera was swinging a baseball bat around, and also driving around in a baby pink pickup truck. In some of the shots she’s chatting with a model-looking guy, but it’s hard to tell if he’s the video’s love interest or just someone associated on the production end. She previously shot some of the video on August 20 when she tweeted out a photo of her leg in fishnet stockings. Her foot, in the hot pink shoe, rests on a green suitcase. “Your Body” is the lead single off Aguilera’s next record, her first since 2010’s Bionic. For it, she’s rumored to have hit the studio with a number of producers, writers and artists including British production team Xenomania, who have worked with Cher, Kylie Minogue and the Wanted, as well as her “The Voice” co-judge Cee Lo Green. She has yet to confirm when the album will drop, but did explain to Rolling Stone earlier this summer that it shows her evolution. “I’m one that likes to collaborate. I love feeding off the creative energy, and it only makes me better,” she said. “I’m on a continual path both personally and professionally. All-around, it’s my goal to better myself as a person and an artist, and the show is one of those contributing factors and the guys are great friends at this point. It’s fun collaborating with them at this point.”

I’m not sure how I feel about this look at this point but … let’s wait and see how the whole video turns out before we make any final judgements. I’m very encouraged by the fact that Xtina is working with music producers like Max Martin and Xenomania … the fact that she is collaborating with this kind of talent alludes to the possibility that her album might be a smash hit. I’m hopeful so … fingers crossed. What do y’all think of Xtina’s look in these photos? Do you like?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • miguel

    LOVE the song, and am very excited for the record to come out. :D Sounds promising so far.

  • Nico

    Why does she has to wear so much make up all the time ?? It makes her look almost vulgar :(

    • Alle

      I agree she’d look better with less but she’s proud to look vulgar, hence “Dirrty” and the lyrics in this song.

  • Luna

    Love that she didn’t lose weight until stick thin for this video! Go Xtina!

  • nicole

    im not lovin the look..tan or no tan, thats not a good hair colour for her.. but heres hoping he translates better in the video.

  • gayana

    pink wig, pink shoes, pink pickup truck, green suitcase…. SOUNDS FUN TO ME !!! =)

    but……. that demo version of her song MUST BE MORE UPBEAT!!!!!!!!”IT’S SOOOOO DAMN SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I downloaded it and used a program to speed it up a bit and it’s oooh sooo much better! I hope the final song is faster than the one we’ve heard……..