Watch: FX Releases A Fifth Teaser Clip For ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’


Another day, another creepy-ass teaser clip for the forthcoming second season of American Horror Story: Asylum hits the Interwebs. Thus far, we’ve been weirded out by images that are meant to inspire us to watch AHS when it returns this Fall … and I think they’re working. Today we get to see short video of a seemingly innocent staircase … or is it? Going Up? Going Down? It’s your choice.

  • nicole

    i just dont know what to make of these teasers.
    my gut tells me that these have next to nothing to do with how the season will play out (other then the fact that its in an asylum).
    i think these teasers, are gonna end up causing too much hype for a season that wont live up to it.
    fingers crossed im wrong!

  • Scott

    Last season had several clues in teasers like this, and all but one were very close to the plot of the season.