Natalie Portman Goes Nude In These ‘Dior’ Ads


So Natalie Portman AKA Miss Dior Cherie has new Dior ads on the internet and everyone was all abuzz because 1.) she’s nakey! and 2.) one of them looked totally fake. Because it was. Some creative genius really took time out of his/her day to photoshop a good ol’ Nat Port nude and threw a Christian Dior label on it. Lol, I love it! Peep the photos inside and see if you can spot the fake!

Did you solve the mystery? I’ll give you a little hint: the fake Natalie Portman Dior ad is the second photo :)

Now you guys may remember this other ad from last year:

There’s def a difference between this cutesy look and the new ads for Dior’s Rouge Nude. The ladies over at Fashionista pointed out that the new ads go for a sexier, all-grown-up kind of look, which is definitely true and totally appropriate for Natalie now. She is so working it! Lurve Natalie! And I cannot wait to see what she’s doing with Christian Bale in this new Terrence Malick flick; she’s just amazing to watch.

What do you guys think of the new ads Dior… and the new phony one, lol?

  • Luna

    She’s absolutely stunning. Would kill for a face like hers!