First Look: Lana Del Rey Is Looking Very Um Lana Del Rey In These ‘Jaguar’ Ads


We’ve been seeing a lot of Ms. Lana Del Rey (which is fine by me). Last week her new campaign photos for H&M hit the interwebs and most of us were like, yup! That’s Lana. Totally beautiful, and totally looking pretty much the same in every photo. Still, I can’t get enough of this girl and she’s got a new campaign running for Jaguar, which is pretty sweet. Checkie out!

LDR For Jaguar:

Here’s what Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s global brand director, had to say about the collabo:

The allure of Jaguar is in large part due to its duality—a unique blend of authenticity and modernity, two values that we believe are shared with Lana in her professional achievements.

Lana is part of the the luxury auto brand’s launch for its F-Type two-seater sports car in Paris this September. I am sooo curious as to whether or not she gets, you know, a freebie. If she does, she should totally pick me up later in whatever this F-type thingy is. Nice!

So yeah, I know. The photos are kind of uneventful in the facial expressions, although I do think that the first photo is pretty sexy. And Lana’s got the poolside look popping off in the second one (love the threads!) but again, it’s all very Lana Del Rey. We’ll have to wait and see who’s gonna photograph this girl and contractually require that she crack a smile :)

Shouts-out to Lana.


  • nicole

    clearly she got her modelling tips from Zoolander

    • Shannon

      nicole! LMAO, you’re not wrong ;)

  • Nicole

    Lana looks good. Where is the car?

    • @Nicole — LOL. MTE TBH.

  • Barry

    Person looks like self. Are you even trying? What a content-free article.

    • Shannon

      Thanks for commenting Barry. The post title was meant to be a (completely non-serious) reflection of the images and the fact that LDR has one, single look thus far– the real question being, ‘Is Lana Del Rey even trying,’ lol. The images and my like/dislike thereof are the content ;)

    • @Shannon — Yep, I think pretty much everyone (well almost everyone) got what you were going for.

    • Shannon

      I’ve added an ‘Um’ in the title for additional cheekiness. Hope this helps.

  • Mark

    Everything she wants she has. Money, notoriety and rivieras. I ain’t mad at her lol

  • Amanda

    Love these! I have no problem whatsoever with her trademark sombre expression as long as it’s captured right. The ones for H&M were so dull and devoid of emotion. These showcase her beautifully.