First Listen: The Demo Version Of Christina Aguilera’s New Single ‘Your Body’ Leaks To The Internets


Last month we learned that Christina Aguilera was planning to release a new single this month and TODAY we get our FIRST LISTEN of the track! The single is titled Your Body and altho it hasn’t been released officially, the demo version of the song mysteriously made its way to the Internets for our listening pleasure. Now, keep in mind, the song you can listen to below is just the unfinished demo version … but I think it does give us a pretty good taste of how the song will turn out when it gets released officially. Click below and take a listen, see what you think.

Song Removed By Request

Just a couple of days ago, Xtina shared a photo from the set of her new music video for the song and I hoped we’d get to hear the song by week’s end … the leak of this demo is just what I was hoping for. I like the song itself, it’s catchy … great lyrics … but I was hoping for more of an upbeat track. We’ll have to wait and see if the finished track will sound different from this demo version. What do y’all think of Xtina’s Body? Do you like?

UPDATE: Honestly, after a few spins, I think I like the track … but you’ll have to take my word on it. I’ve been asked to remove the song so we’re just going to have to wait until the final, finished version of the song is released :/


  • Carl

    LOVE IT!! Can’t wait to hear the final product.

  • nicole

    hmm i thought i commented on this…

    i like it. its freaky/sexy. catchy. for a demo it sounds really good. i gotta say, after seeing the pictures she’s been posting, this wasnt what i was expecting at all! cant wait for the final cut!

  • Monicaaa

    Sounds like a rejected Rihanna song to me. I just can’t get into Christina. Sure her voice is powerful but there never seems to be any emotion behind it. Even dance songs need soul and musicality. It makes it impossible to connect to her songs.

    Thumbs down.

  • Jess

    I’m in loooove! I even like it despite not being a fan of Max Martin’s previous work.

    I’m hearing this isn’t a demo,instead the filtering process diluted some of the bass,and will in fact be the final product

  • Timothy P

    When new songs leak, they alays say it is “just a demo” but then the final version alwas basicall sounds the same. Anyway, lke the song (but then I was als one f the few to love “Bionic”

    • Chelsea

      I loved bionic! I don’t think anyone really actually listened to it to figure out how great an album it really was

  • Tom

    It’s easily one of the best things she’s released in the past years but it’s still lacking something memorable.

    And no, the ‘All I wanna do is f*ck your body’ line is not memorable just plain tacky. All in all though, this seems like it could definately be top 10 hit if they work on a few things so here’s hoping that the final version sounds a bit different.

    • @Tom — I think she’s saying “funk your body”

    • Jess

      No, it’s “f*ck your body”, the radio version will be “touch your body”, plus there’s also a dance remix already made.

    • cutitout

      the radio version is/will be “love your body” but this album version is most definitely f*ck your body

    • rOXy

      Sounds like “funk” to me, too. “F*ck” your body just wouldn’t really make sense. =/

  • Dooley

    Like always to much going on…Hate the Vocals over Vocals..

  • rOXy

    This has potential for endless remixes, and we’re likely to hear them. They can up the tempo. I’m glad there is a dance remix already in the chute. I think they might “leak” these demos to get a test reaction so they know what to work on. Dance is Christina’s roots, and that’s where she will be the most successful. At any rate, I like it already.

  • cutitout

    I like it! I hate “dance” music but I love the way they used it enough to get played on pop radio (since thats all they play now) but slowed it down and gave it an urban edge for crossover appeal. I predict a version with a rap by Nikki or azaelia soon. But its also a song that is structured in a way can very easily be speeded up to make it a more contemporary dance/club song. It was a very smart move on her part. The reviews have been mostly positive.

  • miguel

    I’m totally feeling this track…it makes me excited for her album to come out. :D

  • JCZ

    Wow! I’m so impressed. TBH I really felt as if Bionic wasn’t her own album. I’m sure she has a lot of control creatively – I mean she had already said her next album was more electronic/dance when she was touring for Back to Basics (so monsters can stfu) – but in the end it DID sound like it wanted to fit in with other dance music already out there.

    This however is terrific. It’s not as out there as most lead singles are, but I think it makes up for that by being a totally addictive track. The vocals suit the production perfectly, for a demo as well. I hope the official version doesn’t change too drastically cause I’m really loving what I hear. It’s the least sounding Max Martin track I’ve heard in a while and that is a great thing.

    I hope this new album does great – Xtina is very underrated. The media seem all too comfortable in talking about her weight or relationship or so-called feuds rather than the talent she is. I’m just glad it’s a track that whilst it fits Top 40 – is still fresh and new.. once again for a Max Martin track – I still can’t believe it doesn’t sound like a Katy Perry left over.

    Go Xtina! (Ps. just don’t ruin those vocals girl. Go easy!)