Ellen DeGeneres Is In Talks To Reprise Her Role As Dory In ‘Finding Nemo 2′


Last month we learned that Disney/Pixar are planning a sequel film to the hugely popular animated film Finding Nemo. Today we learn that Ellen DeGeneres, who voices the Nemo character Dory, is in “serious talks” to reprise her role for this planned sequel film. IMHO, the only way you can do a Finding Nemo 2 film without Ellen DeGeneres is to cut out the character of Dory altogether … and it doesn’t make sense to me to do that. Click below to learn more about Ellen’s negotiations to get back into the recording booth and voice Dory back to life.

Ellen DeGeneres is in negotiations to reprise her role in Disney/Pixar’s planned Finding Nemo sequel. Assuming the deal comes together, DeGeneres would voice Dory, a blue tang fish who was suffering from short-term memory loss in the 2003 original film. Over the years, DeGeneres has not been quiet about her desire to see a Nemo sequel come to fruition, making multiple mentions on her popular syndicated talk show. Writer/director Andrew Stanton (John Carter), who wrote the 2003 film with DeGeneres in mind and co-directed it, is set to return for the follow-up. Victoria Strouse is writing the script and Lindsey Collins is producing. A 2016 release date is projected. The original, which won the Academy award for best animated feature, is still the highest-grossing orignal Pixar movie, earning $868 million to date worldwide.

So Finding Nemo is the highest-grossing Pixar film to date? Oh yes, a sequel has been in the works for a long time … and there is NO WAY they are doing Nemo 2 without Ellen on board. This means she is in a very plum position to negotiate a very lucrative pay day in order to reprise her role. Mark my words, a deal will get done. But can we talk for a minute about how Finding Nemo was released back in 2003??! How in the HECK has it been that long since we fell in love with Nemo?!? The release of Finding Nemo predates my move to LA (6 years ago), my entire relationship with David (6 1/2 years ago) and the launch of Pink is the new Blog (8 years ago). Dang! I’m actually surprised it took this long for a Nemo 2 film to get made. But, I digress. Disney/Pixar will get all the original voice actors back for the sequel, trust … but, ugh, 2016 is a long time to wait :(


  • ClaireMichelle

    I can’t freaking wait for this sequel! And it is well known that Ellen has wanted a sequel to happen. Disney just needs to come up with the right offer. ;) More Nemo please!

  • Jodi

    Wow! This really takes me back. Finding Nemo was released the year my daughter was born, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. She loved watching this movie on DVD. (I guess the bright colors?) I loved Ellen as Dory and can’t wait to see the sequel!

  • rOXy

    DO IT, Ellen!

  • miguel

    Waits for onemillionmoms.com to make a petition to not get her signed onto the movie…

  • fab4runner

    Love, love, love Nemo. I can’t believe that it came out in 2003. That’s the year I graduated HS…and now I am feeling really old.

    2016 definitely feels like forever from now but I am sure it will be worth the wait.

  • cowgirl

    Such a great movie, and she plays the part perfectly!!! YAY!!!