Céline Dion Shows Her Freaky Side In ‘V’ Magazine


Early last week we learned that Canadian chanteuse Céline Dion is readying the release of TWO new albums this November and today we get to see new, somewhat surprising photos of Céline in the pages of the new issue of V magazine. As you can see in the photo gallery here, Céline is experimenting with her look and style a bit. In some photos she is rocking very stylish clothes, in others she is rocking fairly avant garde outfits and in others she is rocking as little clothing as possible. This is a new side of Céline that we are unaccustomed to seeing. I can’t tell if I love these photos or if I dislike them because it looks like she is trying to hard (WAY too hard). Take a look at the photos and see what you think … click below to watch behind the scenes video from her V mag photoshoot.

Are you impressed with the new and improved Céline Dion?


  • Amanda

    Just weird. She will always be that famous “high-school teacher I never had” character to me, Slightly off-beat, always with a smile on her face, clapping her hands by the hallways getting kids to smile and be happy to learn at school. So seeing these just feels wrong to me.

    I mean, how hilarious is that rainbow feather outfit? Don’t get me wrong, Celine seems like a wonderful lady, but these photos don’t cut it for me. Whatever flies her feathers, though.

    • @Amanda — “Slightly off-beat, always with a smile on her face, clapping her hands by the hallways getting kids to smile” LOL, yup. I can see this in my mind perfectly.

  • Jennifer

    Poor Celine! She really is a lovely woman but not the most photogenic. I like the last photo with her hair up and the large earring….otherwise she looks very awkward to me–like that reverse tuxedo she wore to an awards show years ago….it just didn’t work!!

  • nicole

    most of the pics just seem weird.
    but i do kinda love the one of her in the mirror

  • Mark

    Why am I slightly attracted to her?

  • me

    THE SEX BOOK by MADONNA….the Celine version.

    hahaha. love it.

    it’s good that she can show this side and lighten up!!!