Listen: Miley Cyrus Provides Guest Vocals On Borgore’s New Song ‘Decisions’


So … um … I’ve got a new song that you need to hear … it’s by an artist named Borgore and it features Miley Cyrus on guest vocals. In all honesty, the song is really bad. I mean, it’s bad all on its own but with the inclusion of Miley, well, it’s just really bad. I’m not really sure what inspired Borgore to want to collaborate with Miley but, yeah, I think he needs to rethink his career trajectory if this is the kind of music he wants to put out. Take a listen and see what you think. Am I being too harsh? Does this song make you want to eat the whole cake? Is this song a hit … or a terrible miss?

  • rOXy

    If you’re being too harsh, then so am I. Horrid.

  • Sam

    Ouf, this is bad. Real bad. Surprisingly, Miley did sound pretty good when she covered Bob Dylan’s “You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go”. Girl really needs to stick to her country roots, it’s what her voice was made for!

  • nicole

    oh mz. miley what were you thinking…

  • Joan


    No further comment.

  • CAKE

    Miley wanted to be on Borgore’s song, not the other way around. Miley doesn’t want people like you as fans that’s why she’s changing so much. GET OVER IT! BORGORE IS AMAZING AND BITCHES LOVE CAKE!