First Look: Ryan Lochte Surfaces On The Set Of ‘90210’


Last week we learned that US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte paid a visit to the set of 90210 to film a guest appearance and today we get to see the wannabe actor on the TV series set. Lochte posed with 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord in between takes, which you can see below, and shared with TV Guide his ease with appearing on the show shirtless. Check out the photo and read what else Lochte had to say from the set of 90210 last week.

Days after swimming sensation Ryan Lochte bid “toodle-oo” to jolly old London and the Summer Olympic Games, the 28-year-old hunk was on set shooting the October 29 episode of The CW’s 90210 opposite AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi). “I’ve never acted before,” the gold-medal winner told TV Guide Magazine exclusively. “I could swim and do interviews all day. This is totally different.” But did Lochte mind being asked by producers to shed his shirt? Not one bit. “I’m usually in less clothing, so it doesn’t matter to me!”

From what I understand, Ryan had some difficulty with his lines on the show but managed to solider thru and get it right … eventually. I’m an avid fan of 90210 so I’m very much looking forward to seeing Ryan on the show. We should know very soon if Ryan Lochte has a future in show business or … if he should just stick to his day job.


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    McCord looks so hot in that pic! So Jeah!