Anderson Cooper & Boyfriend Benjamin Maisani Are Still Happily Living Together


Early last week a group of photos surfaced that showed Anderson Cooper’s longtime live-in boyfriend (and rumored fiancée) Benjamin Maisani passionately kissing another man in a public park in NYC while Anderson was away on vacation with friends. At the time, I speculated that the “cheating” that was seemingly evident in the photos may not be cheating at all since Anderson and Benjamin (like many gay couples) may be involved in an open relationship. It would seem either that A.) I was right, Anderson and Benjamin enjoy a relationship where they are allowed to “play” with other people or B.) Anderson doesn’t really care that Ben was caught kissing another man because … new photos out today show Anderson and Benjamin are still happily living together in their NYC home.

These new photos show Anderson leaving the couple’s home shortly before Benjamin left the home for the day. Naturally this is all purely speculation but if Anderson and Ben are still living together, it would seem that everything is A-OK in the couple’s relationship. It is very possible that Anderson and Ben have an understanding in their relationship that lets them “enjoy the company” of other lovers while still remaining committed to one another … we just cannot know for sure. Whatever the case may be, it seems clear to me that Anderson and Ben are still happily together so … make of that what you will.

No matter what is going on between these two, they are consenting adults that are free to enjoy whatever relationship they like. If this kind of thing works for them, then more power to them and I wish them all the best.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • miguel

    …how cute

  • woodroad34

    Living together? Check

    Happily? Those faces don’t look so happy.

    • @woodroad34 — They don’t look happy to be photographed, these two are deffo not fans of the paparazzi.

  • Ben@pr

    It’s their life and to me it seems like they are allowed to play with other people. But if they have that kind of arrangement they should be more discreet since they are a high-profile couple. I don’t like when some people perpetuates certain stereotypes.

  • guest

    wow. this post and the other one you posted about them reeks of judgment, trent. what’s with all of the quotes (i.e. “play” and “enjoy the company’)? the first post you did about them and this “scandal” was just as bad. so, this is your website and you are obviously PRO-MONOGAMY (that is loud and clear), but you must realize that your tone around non-monogamous relationships may be offensive to some of your readers, right? i bet you have plenty of readers who are in different types of relationships: poly, open, etc. – and shouldn’t you try to be as inclusive as possible?

    • @guest — What you call judgement I call an opinion. When I use quotes for the words “play” and “enjoy the company” I’m saying that I can’t know what the possible rules may be of their possible open relationship so those words can be interpreted by the reader to mean what they believe they mean. I find it interesting you infer that being “pro-monogamy” is a bad thing. It’s not … just like being in an open relationship isn’t a bad thing. It’s not a relationship that I would like to be in, that’s all. I would never tell someone else what kind of relationship they should be in. I’m sorry you are offended by my perceived tone, it is not my intent to offend anyone. But, as I have done since I started writing this blog 8 years ago, I will voice my personal opinions. I’m not trying to preclude anyone by offering my personal opinions, I’m just having my say. By all means, feel free to defend polyamorous and/or open relationships. As I’ve said before, I have friends who are in open relationships and it seems to work for them. But, it’s just not for me. I like being monogamous with one person … and that has nothing at all to do with anyone else’s relationship choices.

    • guest

      thanks for the clarification about your intent. of course you have the right to express your personal opinions — it is your site! my intent was not to stop that, just to make you aware of the way in which i perceived your posts about this topic (which did come off as extremely judgmental to me). having non-monogamous friends does not mean that you are accepting of their relationship choices. and just to clarify on my end, it was also not my intent to imply that being monogamous is a bad thing. i am pro-whatever-kind-of-relationship you wanna be in and am actually in a monogamous relationship myself! i just wish that more people who are monogamous would open their minds to the different kinds of relationships that can exist for people as that has not been my experience. and, yes, i gathered that you like being monogamous — nothing ambiguous about that!

    • @guest — I greatly appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion, truly. In the end, we cannot know what kind of relationship these two have … open or not, they are clearly still together so … in the end, I wish them all the best.