Michael C. Hall MURDERS A Popsicle On The Set Of ‘Dexter’


Altho the first full length trailer for Dexter season 7 gives us a pretty good overview of the entire season to come, the cast and crew of Dexter are still very much hard at work filming new eps. Star Michael C. Hall was spotted on a beach here in SoCal shooting scenes with his on screen son and as you can see, Dex is wielding a very deadly-looking popsicle. Um, ok … maybe the popsicle isn’t really deadly looking but on a show like Dexter, I guess you can never be too sure. Additionally, MCH was spotted filming scenes with one of his old co-stars who will be making her return to the show this season. Click below to see new photos from the Dexter set and find out which Dexter character will be making her return this season.

I love the scenes that feature Dexter and his baby son Harrison. When you have a hero that is a serial killer, it’s really endearing to see him acting like a normal and very loving father. One minute, Dex is slicing up a bad guy and the next minute he’s giving his baby boy a sweet popsicle. It’s adorable, ain’t it? But, you longtime Dexter fans will remember, Harrison isn’t Dexter’s only child. He became step father to his late wife Rita’s children when he married her. This season, Dexter’s step daughter Astor will return to the show … and she is all growed up as you can see below:

Between murders and the mayhem said murders have caused, Dexter has bid adieu to many a co-star over the show’s six seasons — but during the upcoming seventh season, something nearly unprecedented is happening: someone’s actually coming back! Christina Robinson, who plays Astor Bennett, was snapped filming beach scenes with Michael C. Hall as he helps Harrison build a sandcastle (Astor’s brother Cody is M.I.A. from the family reunion). The last time anyone saw Astor was in season five after she drunkenly reappeared at the home Dexter shared with her recently deceased mother, Rita. But after helping out his step-daughter’s friend, Astor gave up the booze — and the bitching — seemingly becoming a loving member of The Morgan Family.
Will Astor still be playing for Team Dexter in season seven? Tune in to the premiere, September 30 at 9 p.m. on Showtime, to find out!

OMG, Astor is coming back … love it! Just because step son Cody (played by Preston Bailey) isn’t featured in this scene that doesn’t mean he won’t return to the show in some capacity. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t but it’s nice to see that the writers haven’t forgotten about Dexter’s children with Rita. There are so many possibilities as to what Astor’s return to the show might mean but … I’ll leave the speculation alone. I’m just dying for season 7 to start so we can get down to the nitty gritty world of Dexter. September 30 can’t get here soon enough for me :D

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  • Lauri

    I love the Astor character, and that her (and probably Cody) are returning because that’s a GREAT potential plot-point- I just hope her being all grown up means her acting flows more…