First Look: Sarah Jessica Parker Surfaces On The Set Of ‘Glee’


Back in May we learned that actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who many of us remember and LOVED as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO series Sex and the City, will join the forthcoming season of Glee in a multi-episode arc on the show and today we get our first look at SJP on the Glee set. Glee creator Ryan Murphy shared a photo he snapped of SJP posing with actor Chris Colfer (a photo that Colfer then re-tweeted) which I know share with all y’all. Get your first look at SJP on Glee below.

I love her – I love her! Can we keep her? RT @MrRPMurphy: First scene! Kurt and Isabelle.

I’m hearing that SJP’s character Isabelle will be a “Broadway mentor” for Kurt (Colfer’s character) so it’s very likely that most if not all of her scenes will be with Kurt. I’m very sorry to say that I have long since lost my affinity for Glee so I’m not sure how much of the forthcoming season I will see. Naturally, I would LOVE to see SJP back on TV again but … well, we’ll have to see. Are any of y’all superexcited to watch the new season of Glee? Is the addition of Sarah Jessica Parker to the cast enough to get you to tune in again?


  • courtney

    I watched maybe.. 5 episodes of season 3 and cringed through all of them (I will admit the final 10 minutes of the finale made me crey big GaGa tears). I don’t think I’ll watch much of season 4 but I might check out the episodes with SJP – I love her too damn much.