First Look: Mariah Carey Releases A Music Video For ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’


Mariah Carey has released the music video for her new single Triumphant (Get ‘Em) … which, you may already be painfully aware, heavily features Rick Ross and Meek Mills. Just like the song itself, Mariah takes a back seat to her rapper collaborators in this new music video which — I’m sorry to say — does her no favors. The guys are the main attraction in this video while Mimi is relegated first to the role of observer watching from the front row OUTSIDE of the boxing ring … and then to the role of boxing ring card girl. Mariah, this is YOUR song/video. YOU should be the main voice on the track. These guys should be watching YOU in your own music video. I love me some Mimi but this first single release from her new album feels like a terrible misstep to me :(

  • Megan

    When I read that she was doing a boxing themed video I was so excited because I thought it would be her in the ring. I was so disappointed to see her doing the observer thing….dear girls of the world, be the footballer, NOT the footballer’s wife!!!

    • @Megan — “dear girls of the world, be the footballer, NOT the footballer’s wife!!!” Amen. Very well said.

  • nicole

    you know…it takes a true diva to be able to take a back seat in her out video.
    the only upside to this song/video & the single artwork…is it kind of has a classic Mimi sound – which makes me very happy. hopefully they’ll push a second single by the end of next month. i cant see them doing it any sooner, cause the remixes for this song have been amazing.

  • Sam

    Honestly, this song could have been made in 2005. It sounds so much like her other stuff, to a fault. She seems to be in arrested development or something!

  • blaqfury

    I really like this song but the video, notsomuch. I thought that with Mariah being a mother, she would change how she dressed a bit, give off that grown sexy… but alas, the ring card girl outfit, looks like something a 16 yr old would wear to her first college party she’s sneaking into… sigh… c’mon Mimi…. I need grown & sexy from you.

  • jaybee

    i think she’s trying to recapture the emancipation of mimi from the stylings of the song to even the image. lightning doesn’t strike twice, but i will always support my mimi

  • Brent

    I’m really not understanding why Mariah is going this route. Usually for her lead singles she comes out with a bang. However, since the album doesn’t come out until March or something, maybe this song was not meant to be such a big splash and she is holding onto something for later so this was to kinda get everyone talking and anticipating the next thing? That is the only thing I can think of, because surely she and her team knew this song wasn’t going to be a big hit. I mean, obviously I coulld be wrong, but I kinda think this was intentional on their part and it was a kinda tide you over to the “real” lead single kinda deal.

    • @Brent — March? I hadn’t heard that the album would be delayed so much. Honestly, I LOVE the Pulse Remix version of this song … it’s poppier and Mariah’s vocals are front and center. That version should’ve been the single and this version should’ve been the remix.

  • milanda

    what a cheap video. and the director is really not that good as half the time the ring ropes are covering her eyes. lol wtf?

    • Becca

      Can’t believe Mariah’s crew would let this get released… like EVER.

  • Becca

    Dude! This shy, little girl is NOT the diva Mariah we know and love… :/

    • @Becca — I KNOW. It is very un-Mariahlike for her to take the back seat to anyone :(