Christina Aguilera Shares A Photo From The Set Of Her New Music Video


Last week Christina Aguilera shared her personal photos from the set of her new album shoot and today, she shares a photo from the set of her new music video shoot. Now, we still don’t know the name of either the album or the single … nor do we know when either will be released … but we do know that Xtina is the queen of the tease. Click below to see the full size photo that Xtina shared from her music video set and see if you are sufficiently teased.

Its finally here- MUSIC VIDEO shoot day!!!!!!!!! Get ready guys!!!!!!!!!!

OK, WE’RE READY, XTINA! Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually digging these photo teasers. She shows us nothing and, yet, you know she’s working on something big. We should be hearing something more official about her new single … because, as you may recall, we’re supposed to be hearing it sometime this month. If she’s already shooing the music video and posing for the album cover, it can’t be too long until we hear new music from Miss X. We could find out the name and release date of Xtina’s new single by the end of the week … and I cannot wait a minute longer.


  • nicole

    im pretty sure she confirmed that the name of the lead single is ‘Your Body’ and i read that the release date is sometime in early September (possibly tieing in with The Voice)

    im loving the vibe from the pictures so far. im excited

  • Lauri

    I need those shoes. Hopefully she’ll help get rid of the peep toes that have been big forever :)

  • gayana

    @Trent: I thought u didn’t like X-tina? Change of hearts? =)

    • @gayana — I don’t dislike Xtina. She just does seem to put out a lot of music that I don’t particularly like … but she has put out music I enjoy so I remain hopeful that she will put out more music that I like. We shall see.

  • gayana

    I just really really really hope her label puts a bit (or a lot) more effort into promoting her single/album, than it did with her last record……………….. She had some really nice songs on Bionic, but no one seemed to care as no one even knew about them.

    • nicole

      i totally agree