Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Of Nickelback Are ENGAGED To Be MARRIED!!!


Um, WHAT?! Canadian popstar Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger are ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED! Yes, it’s true. When I first heard this I totally thought it was a joke. After all, it seems just like yesterday that we saw photos of Avril and (now ex) boyfriend Brody Jenner madly in lurve, getting their names tattooed on one another. Now, all of the sudden, we not only learn that Avril and Chad are together … but they are GETTING MARRIED?! OMG, does this not sound like the WORST idea ever? Read on to learn more.

Whoa, Canada! Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger’s relationship has been so quiet that few even knew they were dating. Now, after a six-month courtship, the Canadian rockers are engaged to be married, Lavigne’s rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. Lavigne, 27, and Kroeger, 37, first got together in February to co-write a song for Lavigne’s upcoming fifth studio album. “A romantic relationship blossomed as they spent time writing together,” a Lavigne pal tells PEOPLE. On Aug. 8, Kroeger popped the question, presenting Lavigne with a 14-carat diamond sparkler. “He makes her so happy,” a family source tells PEOPLE. “Both of their families could not be more excited.” It will be Kroeger’s first trip down the aisle, and the second marriage for Lavigne, who split from Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley in 2009. She had also dated Brody Jenner.

WHAT?!? This is so crazy! When we last saw Avril with Brody it was early February … the same month that Avril and Chad, apparently, started working together and fell in love. I mean … I’m not trying to poo poo anyone’s happiness but this just sounds so wrong. First off, I can’t imagine that anyone would want to marry the lead singer of Nickelback, I mean … really. Secondly, Avril hooked up with Brody, like, 2 seconds after she left her ex-husband and Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley. Now, milliseconds after ending things with Brody she hooks up with and gets engaged to Chad Kroeger — of NICKELBACK? HOW FREAKING RANDOM IS THIS?

Wow. I guess despite how much I really can’t stand their music, I should offer my congratulations to the happy couple. Maybe they truly deserve one another and will live happily ever after … far far away … way up in Northern Canada … forever. Oh, maybe this is good news after all. I mean … right?


  • miguel

    W T F !?!…. I thought she was with Brody too! WHOA.

  • Shannon m.

    I live in Northern Canada. Don’t send them here! :|

  • nicole

    umm say what now??

    soo i guess its safe to assume that she now has Chad’s name tattoo’d on her?

  • nicole

    also…i totally loved her with Brody.. they made more sense as a couple then these two do.

  • fmx

    Is this a joke or is this a joke? Like so serious she has to give us the finger joke? Kroeger popped the question and Avril was like “Yes” *middle finger* LOL. Am I drunk right now do I need to refresh this?

  • shannon

    I guess the Mayans were right after all…

  • Jennie

    Wow. This is so idiotic, it actually swings around to making total sense. He’s a douche, she’s a douche, they’re both an embarrassment to Canada… I hope it works out for them and they disappear somewhere far away. NOT Canada. Sorry Trent, we don’t want them!

  • Joan

    “First off, I can’t imagine that anyone would want to marry the lead singer of Nickelback, I mean … really.” LMAO!

    And what is it with girls that can’t be single for 2 seconds?!!?! *facepalm*

    • fmx

      I’m trying to find this man attractive, even standing next to avril this man still has no sex appeal. He’s like… photobomb sawdust.

    • Lauri

      I was just about to repost the same quote! Can you imagine the sounds he would make while….oh man.

  • Lauren xx

    I’m sorry, Avril needs to grow up before she gets married again. She still presents herself and acts like a bratty teenager, and she most definitely rushes into serious relationships. (Hello, failed marriage #1, and another ex’s name tattooed on you? And you’re only 27??)

  • Alys

    This is a horrific decision on both their parts. UGH. NO.

  • Matt

    NO!! I actually like him!!!

  • Misty


  • Emma

    wait…what ?! reeeeeeeeally ?! are they high orrrr..
    i mean 6 months this is crazy, nickleback’s singer…no just no
    end of the world is definitely coming !

  • Megan

    “First off, I can’t imagine that anyone would want to marry the lead singer of Nickelback, I mean … really.” I can’t imagine anyone would want to marry Avril Lavigne so I think this is a perfect match :/

  • Meghan

    LOL! This post is hilarious, Trent! I needed a laugh this morning.

    God, what an awful idea. He seriously looks like the type of guy who wears leather pants. All the time. Think of the absolutely terrible music they will make together!

    • dc

      “He seriously looks like the type of guy who wears leather pants. All the time.” – NAILED IT.

    • @dc — LOL

  • JCZ

    I think the worst thing about this, if they ever collaborated. Ugh my ear’s are already bleeding.

    I guess they deserve each other though in the retrospect.

    Now I have Girlfriend in my head. May as well go poke my ear drums with some ear buds.

  • Buffy

    This is like a bad Aprils Fool Joke — she was so cute with Brody. Nickelback dude is so not attractive, he looks like the lion from the wizard of oz. I quote Avril “What the Hell?”

  • apriljan

    LOLOLOLOLOL!! “What the SERIOUS F*CK” indeed, Trent!

    This is such a trainwreck! You better believe I’m gonna be following their story much more closely now.

  • Juneh

    Haha, this is just… haha.

  • Jane

    As my sister so succinctly said in an email to me today: “ewwww wtf I hate both of those people. they were meant for each other. however their kids are going to be the most untalented, ugly cretins to walk the earth and then everyone is going to blame Canada :(. the end.”

  • Kim-E

    I love Nickelback and have all their albums. Avril can suck it now and forever. I think Chad is a cool guy but he gets engaged A LOT if you follow his story. I’m such a fan I read Canadian gossip and rock gossip he seems to be engaged every year – no joke. Unfortunately for Avril, Chad swings both ways and she may need Brody to keep him and not just his name tattoo.

    • @Kim-E — “I think Chad is a cool guy but he gets engaged A LOT”

      Really? I had no idea.

      “Unfortunately for Avril, Chad swings both ways and she may need Brody to keep him”

      REALLY?! I had no idea that Chad was so interesting. HMMMMM.

    • Kim-E

      @Trent – I want to marry Chad, so I keep up with the dude until. He dates for about 9 months then gets engaged then the engagement is cancelled. In Houston, TX; there is a DJ that seemingly can get Chad on the phone to be interviewed whenever he wants and asked him about this. He said he’s looking to get married and have kids but can’t find anyone to handle being alone while he tours. When asked that the timing occurs when he’s home and not making an album Chad said Next question. Apparently, he’s moody and the girls walk.

      About the bi rumours he was on tour with several bands, and after getting alone with guy and smoking weed, he leans over and says do you think this is gay and kissed him. They kissed and rolled around in the bed for about 40 minutes. When asked about it, Chad replied whatever. He never said anything else. Rolling Stones tried to interview him about that he switched subjects to him starting his own label and who his new acts were. So to me, he can swing both ways, weed = wine and in vino veritas.

  • Nathan

    I see she’s going for two failed marriages before the age of 30.

    Although as someone commented on Twitter, “Sum 41 stopped making music after she dated the lead singer…hopefully this idea catches on” lol

    • @Nathan — “Although as someone commented on Twitter, ‘Sum 41 stopped making music after she dated the lead singer%u2026hopefully this idea catches on’ lol”

      OMG, for this reason ALONE we should all be ECSTATIC!!!

  • SINdy Sianide

    Funny how nobody has mentioned that she MIGHT be pregnant already and that’s why it’s all so sudden… which would be even scarier!

  • SINdy Sianide

    …and Chad has indeed been engaged at least twice before.

  • Bethany

    It’s interesting that they had a six month courtship, when he broke up with his girlfriend (who is from Ohio) in May….someone’s been gettin’ scandalous. If you give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he WASN’T cheating on his girlfriend, then it’s a two month relationship which means it’s totally a baby. Otherwise he’s just a jerk.

    • Bethany

      Also I hate myself for knowing this much about Nickelback’s personal crap.

  • Nuoreel Q Lavigne

    It is not wrong
    maybe that what she wanted there to Chad
    eg Chad not hesitate to become engaged with her
    That’s what all women want
    Not need a years to prove love
    And Chad do wat she want….yeahhhhhhh Love Avril
    Keep moving on Abby