Watch: We Now Have The Full Rihanna/Oprah Interview!


Okay, now we can stop judging this interview based solely on the Chris Brown clips, lol. Earlier today we shared another clip from Rihanna’s interview with Oprah but since the interview aired last night, people have finally gotten it online. I’m listening to this as I type and I’m really interested in seeing what else we’ll learn about Rihanna, better known by some as Robyn. Checkie out!

P.S. The audio does not quite sync up with the first half of the video (I’m just realizing this because I’ve only been listening and not watching, lol) so if you want a slightly better quality version go here. But it all syncs up midway through.

P.S.S. I’m just at the part where she’s talking about the things she learned from her late grandmother, Gran Dollyvery interesting stuff.


  • Myriam

    wow. after watching this it makes you look at things at a different perspective. i mean i know people are going around saying shes crazy and shes acting like the typical abused women, but its much more than that. they were both very young and doing things that not a lot of people do and experimenting at such a face pace that they kinda lost touch of reality….im notsaing that what he did was right. im just saying that he made a mistake and she had so much courage to find it in herself to forgive him . i just hope that people watch this interview andrealize how much of a wonderful and genuine person she is. that was great to watch! thanks for sharing!

    • Shannon

      Myriam, thanks for commenting and I was happy to share! I absolutely think we got to see another side of Rihanna, and that was awesome. However, I feel like we can see that she really is still in love with him and that love is still (IMO) clouding some judgement on her part. Forgiveness is a daily act; it takes time and space (and courage). It’s hard for me to see this interview as proof that she’s forgiven him and they now have a totally healthy friendship, but I am glad that she spoke openly in the interview. That did take courage. Thanks again for commenting, Myriam

  • Ben@pr

    It takes a lot of courage to open up like that on national television. She needs to use the same courage to receive therapy and get rid of that mega douchebag from her life. No more music collaboration no more friendship not anymore. To me friends, real genuinely friends are the family you choose. There’s no way in my life I would be friend or even have some kind of contact with a person that caused me so much pain and world wide embarrassment. BTW her whole “gangsta” persona that she portrays sometimes seems so fake and I see it is to mask her real vulnerable and hurting self.

    • Shannon

      Ben@pr, I have similar thoughts after watching this. I always figured that, emotionally, Rihanna had lots going on (just like all of us) and I knew that she did a really good job of playing that off. She was open here and I respect that… even as I am WTFing over some of her explanations. If she really believes she can be friends with someone who still gives her butterflies in her stomach, then she is not being completely honest with herself. But I’m sure if she was, she would stay away from Chris… and I bet that thought scares her the most.

  • Mela

    I actually was really touched by the depth of character she showed. I don’t think anyone has a right to judge her decisions on Chris Brown and it was inspiring to hear her story of forgiveness and inner healing. I also loved when she talked about hating the pedestal that fame puts her on and how she tries to stay as close to the ground as possible. It was a sweet interview.

    • Shannon

      Mela, I enjoyed this interview too. And I also think that we will all, always be interested in the Chris Brown/Rihanna story as long as one exists. And as long as they have a relationship, there will be a story. What I did like, was that she made it a point to remind all of us that what happened, happened to her alone, even if we ‘witnessed’ it. Ultimately, this is Rihanna’s life and it’s for her to decide. But as a viewer, I find it hard to believe that her decision to be friends with him (while hailing him as ‘the love of her life’) is far more complicated than a ‘friendship’ based on ‘forgiveness.’ Just my opinion! Thanks for commenting, Mela.

  • JEM

    I love Rihanna! She’s so real.
    She didn’t have to open up like that. Beyonce should try giving non scripted interviews, like this one.

    • Shannon

      JEM, lol! Rihanna did look absolutely human in this interview. And you’re right; we rarely see that from the Queen B.

  • Maame Araba Addison

    My perceptions about her has changed positively after this. I am glad that she has come to terms with what happened to her. Hopefully her message in her music will be more positive and her artistic image will also improve. I think her family are such a lovely pple as well. As to whether those two can be friends, I think they can but it can potentially go further than that as it is clearly evident she still deeply loves him. I really hope she fully sorts herself out emotionally and make the right decison. I sincerely wish her and Chris Brown the best in all their endeavors