Watch: The Venezuelan Film ‘Hermano’ (Brother) Hits Theatres This Week


A few weeks ago I saw this trailer for Hermano and it somehow slipped away from me. Today I re-discovered it and got excited all over again. Hermano (or Brother) comes from Venezuelan director Marcel Rasquin and it’s a foreign language sports drama that received major hype and critical acclaim when it was first released back in 2010. It’s finally coming to US theatres this Friday and I cannot wait to see it! It’s got the good brother/bad brother plot that we saw in films like City Of God and Slumdog Millionaire (and that crazy good 2009 drama Brothers, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman). The two young men in this movie have been raised as brothers and ‘struggle to become professional soccer players amidst slum life and tragedy.’

Any film that reminds me of City Of God in the slightest, is a must-see, so I’m definitely looking forward to August 24. Anybody else into it?


  • Veronica

    This reminds me of Rudo y Cursi, which is also about two brothers who seek to become professional soccer players. It has Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, two of my favorites :) Check it out if you can!

    • Shannon

      Veronica, thanks for commenting– Diego Luna! Yes! I’ll def add Rudo y Cursi to a growing list of must-sees.

    • rawrkristy

      omg i have never heard of rudo y cursi but i looove me some gael garcia bernal and diego luna!! y tu mama tambien.. what up! lol if you havn’t seen that one either shannon you should totes get on that tip!
      this hermanos movie also looks great.. i love latin movies although the subtitles are sometimes infuriating because they are totally off lol thanks for posting shannon!

    • Shannon

      rawkristy I will never forget my sophomore year roommate watching y tu mama tambien with her boyfriend and CRACKING UP for like 2 hours straight. I was doing homework and couldn’t watch, but I am dying to see it! It’s been on ‘the list’ for years. I know it’s a favorite for a lot of people and critics.

      I can often tell when the subtitles are ‘off,’ lol. I usually just assume that it sounds much cooler in the original language. Thanks for commenting rawkristy!