Watch: Rihanna Talks About Her New Relationship With Chris Brown


We saw a clip a little while back with Rihanna crying to over ya boy Chris Brown on Oprah’s Next Chapter. In this clip she confirms the rumors that she saw Chris in St. Tropez and also speaks of him as the love of her life. She says, of course, that she still loves him. I am very, very curious to hear what you guys think of this. In a way, I like that Rihanna is speaking candidly about this– many of us have felt like there’s been more going on with them then is let on. Now we know that there is! Oh, and there’s another clip floating around the internet where Rihanna says Chris Brown just needed help or something but I didn’t post that one because she was crying again. Judge me if you will, but I can take her more seriously when she’s not crying. About Chris.

Not that it matters how I feel about it. It looks like these two (as friends, as a couple, or whatever) aren’t going anywhere.


  • Camden Town froggie

    wow, she’s being extremely open about her feelings – I didn’t expect that.

    • Shannon

      Camden Town froggie, I was surprised too. And I think it’s good that she’s being honest about her feelings because she is really putting herself out there. But she still sounds– like Krissy says– like she’s romanticising the events and the relationship. This makes sense in many ways, but it’s still kind of scary to hear.

  • Krissy

    This is so sad. Not only is she a victim of abuse, she was raised with it in her own family. I feel like she is going through the emotional confusion that a lot of vicitms of abuse go through. It seems to me that she needs some serious therapy, and needs to stop romanticising the reasons why they are kept a part. I am not judging her for that, I just hope she recognizes that she needs help and gets it.

    • @Krissy — I completely agree. Of course we cannot know for sure, no one can, but people who grow up in abusive homes tend to more easily endure and accept abusive relationships later on in life.

    • Shannon

      Krissy, ’emotional confusion’ is right. It’s to be expected, but it’s also scary to see it and to know that someone (maybe even Oprah, in this scenario) is encouraging it, in a way. I wouldn’t want to be the one to say she absolutely she never be around Chris Brown… but… I kind of want to say ‘if you’re still in love with him, you absolutely should never be around Chris Brown.’

    • Shivers

      I completely agree. After watching the interview, I immediately wondered whether or not she has sought any therapy after their break up. She is so young and it is so sad to watch her say that that someone who has caused her so much pain is still the, “love of her life.” I sincerely hope she seeks help and realizes that she deserves so much better as a woman.

  • apriljan

    She’s putting me on emotional rollercoaster with her stunts and such. Stunts as in: “I’m a bad girl and I don’t gives a fux what you says” and/or “I can keep a professional relationship with CB but I still love him dearly though.”

    I can’t even.

    But what IS clear: She needs help. Stat.

  • cutitout

    It was one of the best most honest/transparent celebrity interviews I have seen. I think I actually like her now. The reality is If you really love someone, it does not go away because they cheat on you, or beat on you. Thats just the truth and anyone who says different has never really been in love. There are things (like phisical abuse) that are deal breakers in a relationship and are grounds for working hard at falling out of love with the abuser and downgrading it to “I love you as a person but i’m not in love with you” status. Honestly, I have fought with my siblings phisically/ been hit by and walked away with bumps and bruises and I still love them.

    With that said, I do not like Chris Brown, I think he is a flawed individual who is not sorry for waht he did. He has proven time and time again to be a loose cannon. I don’t think its wrong for her to still “love” him any more than I think its bad for a mother to still “love” a child that is a murderer but she needs to stop trying to help him/validate him by cosigning on him. Its funny she claimed they were “close friends” but her description of their relationship was anything but, its never “awkward” between true close friends. That was the only delusional moment in the interview for me. She does not know it yet but that was not authentic but she will learn that in time with growth, she will also learn that Chris Brown was/is not the love of her life. he was just there durring a time in both their lives when the world was going 100mph and they were all eachother had to hold on to mixed with hormones and the first love thing.

    • @cutitout — “Honestly, I have fought with my siblings phisically/ been hit by and walked away with bumps and bruises and I still love them.” This is a very dangerous analogy. Children who fight should never be compared to adults who abuse others, whether they abuse other adults or children.

    • cutitout

      We totally faught as adults too. Anyways, the point is about real love and getting hurt. Phisically, emotionally, it does not matter, if you want to take it there, children who are abused by their parents generally still love their parents and vice versa. Even years after the fact when they are adults and “know better” I’m not advocating Rihanna having any sort of relationship with Chris brown, whether it be friendship or more, my point is if you really love someone, the love does not just go away should you be done wrong or even harmed. Its wrong for folks to judge the girl because she is brave enough to admit she still has love for him, romantic or otherwise. At the end of the day, they are not together, thats the best we can hope for.

  • Simon

    She put on a great show. All this is done to further careers. Hers, his, and Oprah’s. We are expected to feel for her and in turn look at him differently and realize that they are all victims. He beat her and didn’t take any ownership of it. Oprah, who spent years empowering women and urging us to take control of their lives, sits there and condones it all.

    • cutitout

      Condones what? Did you see the interview? is it the job of a interviewer to “condone” or not “condone” anything? She (Rhianna) seemed really genuine and and pretty much every review I have seen of the interview has been largely positive and everyone else seems to have taken it in a much different way. Is it really empowering to women to brow beat them into proclaiming hate for someone they actually care about? Or is it better to encourage women to be honest with themselves and introspective? I did not get what you said at all. She was just speaking about what happened from her perspective. It made perfect sense. thats the way life is, its really not that black and white. the fact is, waht happend only took about 2-3 minutes, there is no history of abuse and she seems to believe that he just lost control which seems to be the case untill he proveds otherwise. i will give him a chance to prove that wrong before I officially label him an abuser and condemn him to hell. If the shoe was on the other foot and she left him all bruised and lumpy, we would not be so hard on her. This would be non issue. I hate to admit it even though I don’t care for him at all.