Supermodel Miranda Kerr Is The New Face Of Qantas


Yesterday we got to see some amazing photos of supermodel Miranda Kerr in New Zealand (shouts-out to PITNBR Kiwis Jess and Brad Old!) and today we learn that this woman really is everywhere. It looks like Miranda is the new face of Qantas Club, an Australian airline’s frequent flyer type of thing. Not that this is breaking news or anything, but Miranda looks awesome in the new ads and I can’t help but share… because I officially have a girl crush on Miranda Kerr. At the very least, I have a ‘girl crush.’ Deets and pics inside!

Miranda Kerr appears in a new Qantas ad campaign

Miranda Kerr appears in a new Qantas ad campaign

So there you have it. Your/my daily dose of Miranda. The supermodel/supermom is also the face of David Jones (remember we saw the super sexy lookbook a little while back) and is still doing her Victoria’s Secret thang. So I think we can expect to see plenty more of her… which is totally fine with me :)

Photo Credit: Splash News