Nicki Minaj Will Reportedly Become A New Judge On ‘American Idol’


For the past few days there have been rumors going around about which musicians might be added to the forthcoming new season of American Idol as judges. Nicki Minaj, Enrique Iglesias and Keith Urban have been floated around as possible new judges for the show … and today, US Weekly is reporting that Nicki is “definitely” joining AI as a judge. As I understand it, the Nicki deal is complicated because she is a spokesperson for Pepsi Cola and Idol is sponsored by Coca Cola. The folks at Pepsi aren’t too keen on their spokesperson appearing on TV weekly with a big red Coke glass sitting in front of them. If this report is true and Nicki does join Idol as a judge, it would seem that the Cola Wars matter has been settled. Read on for all the known deets about this American Idol casting rumor.

Nicki Minaj — and her multiple personas — will be joining Mariah Carey at the judges’ table on American Idol, two sources confirm to Us Weekly exclusively. “I’m not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it,” one insider reveals. “A few more slight things to sign off on but it is happening.” A second source says the “Super Bass” rapper, 29, is “100% confirmed to judge American Idol.” Reps for FOX and Minaj had no comment when contacted by Us.

Whether or not Nicki signs on as judge, there are still other seats to fill. I understand altho Randy Jackson will stay on Idol next season, he will become a mentor to the contestants … not a judge. That means there are 2 more seats to fill IF Nicki joins Mariah Carey (who officially signed on to AI last month) as a new judge. Apparently, producers are hoping to add a latin artist (Enrique Iglesias?) and a country artist (Keith Urban?) and, don’t forget, Nick Jonas already spilled that Idol has reached out to him as well. I like the way this judging panel is shaping up if these casting rumors are true. Mariah, Nicki, Enrique and Keith OR Nick would make a great panel for American Idol. It would shake up the show a lot, I think, and that is a good thing. What do you think of all of this? Do these casting rumors make you feel better about the show? Do YOU think Nicki Minaj will make a good Idol judge if this casting rumor turns out to be true?


  • rOXy

    Nicki NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That show has death stench on it and she doesn’t need it on her.

  • Sam

    It would probably bring the ratings up but I don’t think she’s qualified to judge other people’s talent. I still think back to that time she guest-judged on America’s Next Top Model *shudders*. Trent, did you ever see that episode?

    • @Sam — No, I missed that ep … but I dunno, I think Nicki’s brand of colorful expression would give AI a huge injection of fun. That show is so stale, I kinda think she might be able to freshen it up.

    • Sam

      While I’m not a fan of Nicki, I see where you’re coming from. However I still think that her fans will realize that she is only fun or entertaining in small doses. A lot of Nicki can get just as stale after awhile! To come back to her stint on ANTM, she basically blasted a black girl aspiring to be a model because she didn’t like her natural hair. She kept telling her she didn’t understand why she had an afro and that she should make her hair “sleeker” or put in a weave.

      As a girl with nappy-ass hair, I was super offended by her comments, especially since she’s got the same hair underneath all those wigs!! I was disgusted to be honest (maybe it explains why I dislike her so much).

    • @Sam — “she basically blasted a black girl aspiring to be a model because she didn’t like her natural hair” Oh I did hear about that. Welp, it’s that kind of thing that gets people talking. Sadly, it’s the life blood of reality TV :/

  • Brent

    This is very interesting. I mean, AI already won me back when Mariah was confirmed, but to see Nicki Minaj’s cra-cra tail on the show every week? That would be interesting. If they are shaking up the show like this and adding all these new faces, I think the ratings are going to go through the roof. It’s like they’re covering each demographic and everyone is going to want to tune in to see their favorite celebrity. And of course, maybe some of the contestants will get watched from time to time LOL.

    • rOXy

      I think the things you mentioned will “help” the ratings, but I think people are tiring of this show’s format and it will never again be what it once was. I don’t expect Mariah to be on for more than one season, I think NM would be a better guest judge or mentor. I am surprised AI has survived this long, and think it will have maybe only a couple more seasons left, and that’s being kind. Even some of the die-hard AI fans I know grew bored by the talent on the show last year. They are making it about the judges and not about the contestants. Wrong move.

  • nicole

    AI gained a tiny bit of credibility back when they added Mimi as a judge. but if nicki ends up judging..every ounce of credibility is gone out the window. this show will turn into a (bigger) joke.

    and theres no way Mimi will let nicki even try to upstage her. i can see Mimi giving her a big – ho sit down.

  • Joan

    Nicky performed “Starships” on a results show of the latest season of Idol. Um. I wasn’t good. At all. Sadly, that’s all I can think about right now.

    I do like the dynamic of having judges that come from different musical backgrounds (like The Voice does). Mariah is probably going to own them all, no matter who takes the gig. LOL

  • Nisim Z Fra

    Who wants to see a clown on their television every week? God get rid of her.

  • Amanda

    A big joke. Honestly, Idol is just tired. They need to lay it to rest instead of trying to get the randomest of people on it.