A Very Happy & Blinged Out Justin Theroux Surfaces On The Streets Of NYC


Over the weekend we got our first look at what looks to be Jennifer Aniston’s new engagement ring and today we get to see photos of her fiancĂ©e Justin Theroux showing off some bling of his own. Now, the ring on Justin’s left finger appears to be the name ring he’s been wearing for a while now … but there is one thing new that Justin is showing off in these photos — a HUGE smile. Check ‘em out.

Normally, photos of Justin Theroux that are snapped by the paparazzi featuring him scowling unhappily and generally looking miserable. Clearly, being engaged to Jennifer Aniston has cheered him up exponentially. Now, don’t get used to this … I’m certain at some point Justin will revert to flashing death stares at the paps but at least in these photos, we can see that he genuinely looks happy to be photographed :D Being enfianced to Jen has really done wonders for his disposition.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]