Watch: The Full Video For Beyoncé’s ‘I Was Here’ Is Released For World Humanitarian Day


A few days ago Trent shared a short clip of this video, and today we get the super-official full version of Beyoncé singing live at the United Nations General Assembly Hall. The performance starts off (appropriately) somber, but really picks up as Queen Bey sings about the change she hopes to be in this world, and the change she hopes to see from the rest of us. Today is World Humanitarian Day. Be present in the world you call home and always remember that a random act of kindness can easily change the world.


  • kiskillilla

    She did an amazing job. The video playing in the background blew me away. That would truly be a sight to see…with or without her there singing live.

    • Shannon

      kiskillila, yes! I thought they did a good job of providing images to remind us of the occasion and to add an artistic aspect to the performance. Thanks for commenting.

  • Devonte

    This is beautiful. But as I am a member of the Beyonce Haters club, I must remind everyone that this song is about Beyonce’s need to be an Idol and Legend. I love me some Beyonce as a performer, entertainer and the like but she isn’t an artist. She isn’t original. I do like that fact that this is going to be used for a good cause…but let’s not put all the glory to Beyonce. She is singing about herself.

    • Shannon

      Devonte, I hear you. There’s definitely a note of arrogance to the song, but I’m just glad she’s singing it for a good cause. If she’d sang Single Ladies live I’d still be glad she was making us aware of World Humanitarian Day, lol. Thanks for commenting, and for openly acknowledging your membership in a club whose meetings I may or may not have occasionally attended ;)