Ryan Lochte Rocks A Pink Speedo In Las Vegas


US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte made his way to Sin City this weekend to get his party on with a few of his friends and a horde of his admirers. Lochte and crew made their way to Azure at The Palazzo in Las Vegas, NV to celebrate (again) his recent 28th birthday and basically celebrate life in general. On the red carpet, Ryan sported a pair of black and white American flag board shorts and, natch, one of his gold medals won at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Once poolside at Azure, the board shorts came off to reveal a pink speedo. And to that, I say JEAH!

Altho Ryan’s actual birthday was about a week ago, the folks at Azure at The Palazzo brought out a massive birthday cake and some champers to celebrate his birthday again. One the cake had been cut and the bottles had been popped, it was time to strip down to the bare essentials and get in the pool. Looks like a helluva lotta fun to me. Ryan Lochte may not be a wordsmith but it looks like he sure knows how to party. Live it up, man … you are living the DREAM. And keep rockin’ that pink speedo, you wear it well :)

[Photo credit: Photo Credit: Jeremy Womack, Womack Photography]

  • Nisim Z Fra

    Yet ANOTHER article about him?! It must be a slow weekend huh?!

    • @Nisim Z Fra — Hahahaha :) This blog is basically a big pink speedo so, JEAH!

    • Nisim Z Fra

      Hahahaha if only he wasn’t so dumb!

    • KELLYGREEN [blog]

      fun don’t need to be smart! ;)

    • kendra

      He’s everywhere these days..How could Trent NOT report on him? Especially when he’s rocking a pink speedo!

  • BAlito

    The guy is HOT… but i get a Dbag vibe from him!!! :/

  • Seth

    Where can I purchase this pink speedo? It is ADORABLE!!!

  • Leo

    Totally agree Seth – he looks incredible. Want one!