Graham Phillips Is Hot And Not Just Because He Made A Movie With Vera Farmiga


So a little while back we got to see the trailer for the new movie Goats, starring David Duchovny, Justin Kirk (Andy from Weeds) and Vera Farmiga… and I was sooo pumped because I lurve me some Vera! And I was thrilled that so many of you agreed with me; PITNBRs Kent, Tania, and Jessica had a little Vera lurve-fest with me in the comments. Which was awesome. But what we didn’t know was that Graham Phillips (the star of the film who played Vera’s son, and who plays Zach on The Good Wife) deserved a lurve-fest of his own. So he’s getting one today! Although this one is, admittedly, of a more superficial sort. I was lucky enough to get assigned the Goats review for Paste Magazine (checkie out here) and so I saw the movie a few weeks ago and was introduced to this sweet little thang named Graham. I can’t believe I seriously just wrote the words ‘sweet little thang’ and still expect you guys to take me seriously, but he’s so adorable and barely-legal (19 years young) there’s really no other way to describe him! Peep the gallery to see why I’m using ridiculous words like ‘thang.’ And click inside to learn more about Graham and PITNB’s new weekly post celebrating hot people we just recently realized we were into. I’m gonna need some PITNB audience participation on this one!

So here’s the thing about Graham[‘s lips]. His lips totally distracted me during the entire screening of Goats, which was annoying because I was there to work, ya know? Anyway, he’s literally the inspiration for a new weekly post here at PITNB: Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently (working title).

"GOATS" Portraits - 2012 Sundance Film Festival

Expect this post to consist of fairly *fresh* faces. Ryan Gosling is such a given when it comes to ‘hot people’ lists and we can’t nominate him every time a new pic of him pops up and I’m all like OMG I’m more into Ryan Gosling than I thought… which means I can totally, technically nominate him for this week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently. That’s just crazy. See? I’ve thought this through. And suggestions for Hot Persons are welcome and encouraged, and will always be attributed to the PITNBR who suggested. This is hot person of the week thing will only last if we work together! But seriously, the hot person can’t be Ryan Gosling. Unless of course Ryan Gosling really is a hot guy you truly have just realized you were into. Because that’s different.

But back to Graham! He’s hot, right? No? Yes, yes he is. If that upper lip (à la Eddie Redmayne)/green-eyed combo platter isn’t doin’ it for ya, then I just don’t know how I can help you. Lol. Enjoy the gallery and go see Graham in Goats now! I guess I should mention that he’s also a legitimately good actor or whatever. But yeah. No. He’s hot.

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  • Jessica

    Love him. Hope to see him diversify his roles as he gets more!

    • Shannon

      Jessica, I think he’s def good enough to get some very cool opportunities in the future. It’s gonna be fun to watch him become kind of a big deal!

  • blaqfury

    Thought he was a cutey when I was introduced to him from The Good Wife (absolute great show btw). Great pick this week. Looking forward to future posts in this category.

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, thanks for commenting! Every time The Good Wife comes up I cringe with disappointment at myself for not knowing this show better. Gotta get caught up… and now I have another reason via Graham, lol.

  • grahamloveya

    he’s amazing.he’s filming ınnocence (it’s about vampires) right now and also he’s doing a music album :) cant wait for that! I love him.he’s hot :D

    • Shannon

      grahamloveya, first off you win the ‘most appropriate username for this post’ award, so congrats! Secondly, thanks for the heads up on the album. I had no idea! That’s gonna be awesome; I say this having never heard him sing or rock but I’m just thinking about the hotness factor, since that’s why we’re all here.

  • grahamloveya

    so sweet :)