Watch: ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ Actor Paul Dano Stars In ‘For Ellen’


So, I’m a sucker for Dad movies. The Departed. The Wrestler. The Dark Knight Rises. Hell, most movies are Dad movies. And this new Paul Dano flick is definitely a Dad movie, of possibly epic proportions. Indie movie-lovers and fans of Little Miss Sunshine, Meek’s Cutoff, and There Will Be Blood should be quite pleased with another stand-out performance from Dano, based on what I’m seeing in this trailer for For Ellen. The movie seems to have few laughs, even with Jon Heder (AKA Napolean Dynamite) on board, but this may suit the storyline. Dano plays a rocker musician who never quite made it, though he sacrificed family life for that ever-irresistible but hypothetical fame. Peep the trailer and join me in the eternal attempt to work through those Daddy issues through cinematic portrayals of the wholly imperfect father.

For Ellen hits theatres September 5.


  • strangexbird

    long ago, i said out loud, “Paul Dano will be one of the greatest new actors of our time.”

    i still stand by it. buckets of tears already. dang.

  • Shannon

    strangexbird, I really think you might have called it. I haven’t even seen all of his films (yet) but he’s impressed me so much in the few movies I have seen with him. I seriously can’t wait to see if he’ll blow people away with his performance in this one. Thanks for commenting!