Nicole Richie Debuts Her New Macy’s Collection


It’s Nicole Richie, starring Nicole Richie! The reality star turned designer/model is rocking her new Macy’s line and looking pretty damn good doing it. Now I don’t follow this girl too closely, but I understand that she’s got a keen eye for fashion and recently launched a much talked-about fragrance. I also loved reading what she had to say about her own collection… and the job she’d like to have if she wasn’t designing. Peep the gallery for Nicole’s collection and get deets inside!

Fashionista has the story:

Nicole Richie for Macy’s hits stores in just a few weeks on September 12 and, predictably, the buzz around the new collaboration is building–fast…

As promised, the collection is bohemian, trendy (sometimes verging on too trendy…) and soooNicole Richie. Which was exactly what the TV-personality-cum-designer was going for. “I wanted to focus on that Macy’s girl and make it extremely accessible and affordable, but have it still be ‘me’ at the same time,” She recently told The Cut.

She also said that if she had to be something other than a designer she would be “a backup dancer for Britney Spears. Or a hairstylist. I’m really good at doing hair.”

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Everybody and their mama’s got a fashion line nowadays but I think this one is definitely worth a peek. For one, Nicole looks pretty amazing (I am loooving her haircut), and the clothes have a vibrant, comfortable look that I’m pretty sure I could pull off, lol.

I know we have some Nicole Richie fans here at PITNB. What do y’all think of her collection? And in case you forgot that she’s been in training to be Britney’s back-up dancer, here’s a video Trent posted last year. Awesomeness:


  • ClaireMichelle

    Love her. Love her collection. Just… love.

  • miguel

    Of all “celebrities” who have gotten famous from reality shows – Nicole Richie has truly won me over. I loved her on Simple Life, but as I’ve gotten older, I just giggle at the stupidity in the show, but it truly makes me happy to see how much she has changed and grown into womanhood. It’s funny to see how she has strayed away as far as possible from Paris Hilton. Truly love these pics and am excited for her clothing line. It’s great to see her so involved in her craft. :)