First Look: ‘Brandsky’ Is Poking Fun At Banksy Street Art


As many of you know, Banksy is a street artist that has a certain anti-establishment attitude about himself and his work. Recently we saw what he and some other artists came up with in response to the London 2012 Olympics and the movement to destroy local street art in the name of the games. Well someone has come along and gotten a little tongue-in-cheek with the king of all artsy tongue-in-cheekiness. Brandsky takes well-known Banksy images and ‘brands’ them with their applicable corporate logos (Brand + Banksy = Brandsky). Now y’all know I have a pretty open sense of humor and I love a good parody, but this one kinda got to me! Maybe I’m a little less open when it comes to artwork, and an artist’s message, lol. But peep the photos in the gallery and tell me what you think. Is it amusing to see Banksy’s graffitti messages get, well, graffittied?


Okay, there’s one that really is funny. It’s got the Venus logo. LMAO.

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  • emily

    What?! No. Just no. I’m with you Shannon … Hella Disrespectful. To quote Madonna, it’s reductive. There’s no creativity, it doesn’t say anything new, and it defaces a legitimate piece of art. This is a world of no. I’d be seething if I were Banksy.