Watch: FX Releases A Teaser Clip For ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’


Last month we got our first look at the filming of the forthcoming second season of the FX TV series American Horror Story: Asylum and today we get our first look at a just released teaser clip for the show. As you can see, this clip has a religious feel to it. Church bells toll in the background as we see a nun carrying two buckets of … something. Check out the vid and see what you think. Does this make you more or less interested in watching the return of American Horror Story this Fall?

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    It looks like buckets of pigs feet. I am excited…this only tantalized me more!

  • nicole

    well….its gotten me intrigued.

  • denise a

    Were those body parts??!!!

  • fmx

    I love it such a random clip.