Kristen Stewart Is Confirmed To Attend The Red Carpet Premiere Of ‘On The Road’


Recently we’ve been getting word about Kristen Stewart dropping out of (or getting dropped from) her upcoming projects, leaving many of us to believe that her intention is to say as far away from the limelight as possible. A sequel (or spinoff) to Snow White And The Huntsman is supposed to take place without Kristen (although if you read this article posted by PITNBR Krissy this is not news, nor was Kristen actually dropped), and we found out that the actress did indeed drop out of her upcoming film, Cali. Many people are wondering when she will make her next appearance and we now have confirmation (granted, from the ever-mysterious ‘source’) that Kristen Stewart will attend the red carpet premiere of her highly-anticipated film On The Road, a movie based on the classic Jack Kerouac novel. Deets inside!

E! has the story:

Kristen Stewart is getting ready to come out of seclusion.

Well, not like today, but I can exclusively reveal that Stewart will jet to the Toronto Film Festival next month to support On The Road.

TIFF announced yesterday that the movie adaptation of the classic Jack Kerouac novel would have a special presentation screening during the fest. The date will be announced on Aug. 21.

“Kristen will be there,” a source says.

But will TIFF mark her first red carpet appearance since her cheating scandal erupted last month? We’re not sure just yet because there’s still no word if Stewart will be attending the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sept. 6.

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So there you have it. She lives! And we’ll all get to see what Eve after the fall looks like, lol. Okay but seriously, who’s dying to see Kristen in real life? We’ve seen Robert Pattinson do a couple of interviews (and handle them quite well, I think) but when Kristen arrives on that carpet will all hell break loose? One wonders if she would have been better off doing a one-on-one interview first, but there’s probably no perfect version of this story. Someone cheated, we’re all mad, that’s basically it.

If Kristen does indeed hit the carpet it will definitely be interesting to see how she responds to the inevitable barrage of questions; any ideas as to how she will (or should) react?



  • laurenl

    I am surprised she’s stepping out at all after the way she’s been vilified (especially after that heart wrenching apology). I predict she’ll pull back and eventually step out of the limelight once she finishes these obligations. I’m a huge fan, and hope she doesn’t remove herself, and my hope is that she’s being protected by close family, but this backlash has been too much! Geez, it’s not like she’s out getting loaded a la Lindsey or DUI a la Paris. Glad there weren’t paparazzi around when I was 22!

    • Shannon

      laurenl, thanks for commenting. I was surprised too, and while I thought it might be good for her to take time away for a little bit, eventually she’s gotta get back out here, right?

    • AitchCS

      I think the TIFF is great venue and hopefully low-key. I agree and hope that she will leave the spotlight after the rest of the year obligations to a minimum. I think that is do-able.

  • Krissy

    If I were her manager, I would have her lay low but go to the premiere in an understated dress. I wouldn’t give any interviews…let the work in the film speak for itself. If she gives any quotes (at all), THAT will be the focus of every story about her. If she says nothing, but shows up to the premiere, they will essentially be forced to talk about movie because that is all they have to work with.

    As someone said the other day, if she would rather go the bold route…it would be so crazy if she showed up in a black dress with a scarlet letter. I think this story has so much resonance for people beyond this specific circumstance, like women whose husbands have cheated on them, etc. For me personally, I feel like there has been a lot of “slut shaming” in 2012, and while what she did wasn’t right, IMO, it was completely human and the reaction has been overblown.

    • @Krissy — “it would be so crazy if she showed up in a black dress with a scarlet letter” Can you imagine the blogs the following day if she did this?

    • Krissy

      I think there would be a blogsphere freak out….which sounds kind of fun to me! ;) It would be like poking a bear in the eye. Long term strategy of her career might be screwed, but the reaction would be entertaining!

    • Shannon

      Um. I love this idea, lol! Shouts-out to Easy-A!

    • laurenl

      She should do it! And then not say a word.

    • Joan

      Hahaha Words or not words, it would fuel the fire and I don’t think that’s what she would want. Even if it’s just out of respect for, you know, the person she “loves and respect the most”. LOL I really think she should get out that first appearance out of the way, though. (And the Breaking Dawn red carpet doesn’t sound like the safest place on Earth. I don’t envy her at all.)

  • nicole

    this is good for her. i wouldnt have her do any interviews though, to me that would just get her into more trouble.

  • Jess

    So this is a bit off topic, only kinda sorta, Shannon you should bring your tiny hiney to Toronto for TIFF! You could use the excuse that it’s for your job, but really we all know the reason, celeb stalking and amazing indie movies!

    • Shannon

      Jess! Thanks for the invite, lol! The best part is that my job IS a combination of celeb and indie movie stalking :) I’ll definitely make it there, if not this year then next year. I’ve got these two kids that I tend to carry around with me, lol.

      ‘tiney hiney’?! LMAO. Love it! Thanks again Jess.