Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias Rock LA


Back in April I was THRILLED by the news that Jennifer Lopez was FINALLY hitting the road on her FIRST EVER World Tour and last night, I got to see J. Lo in action here in LA. I missed out on scoring sweet tickets when the show when on sale a couple of months ago but I figured as the date drew closer, I’d be able to find a decent ticket on Stubhub or something. I kept looking for tickets but they were all way too pricey so … I waited. A day before the show, I almost purchased a lower bowl ticket when I decided to see what tickets might be available on Ticketmaster. Long story short, I ended up buying a FRONT ROW ticket for the show totally on accident! Basically, I knew I had a floor seat but I didn’t know until I got there that my seat was right up against the catwalk stage. I had a better seat than music legend Barry Gordy, who was also at the show last night. I honestly had the best time EVER! See some of my amazing photos below and check out a kickass video of J. Lo performing Let’s Get Loud.

Enrique Iglesias is co-headling this tour with J. Lo and I have to admit … I wasn’t all that excited to see him on this tour. He left a bad taste in my mouth last year when it was reported that he refused to tour with Britney Spears because he didn’t want to open up for her. Whether that report is actually true or not, well, I was unhappy with him. He completely changed my mind last night. His show is so fun, I can’t even tell you. Midway thru his show, he looked out into the audience to pull a fan on stage. I was shocked but extremely happy to see that he pulled up a gay male fan. He brought the guy up and just chilled with him on stage for about 15 minutes. They talked, did a couple of shots … then they sang together. He let this fan have full control of the mic and the stage and it looked like he had the time of his life. I was so impressed that he did this with a gay male fan, truly … Enrique won me over completely. He asked the fan, Jose, if he had a boyfriend … how that was going … it was really natural, really genuine. I was also surprised by how many Enrique songs I love from the late 90’s early 00’s. THEN he came over and high fived me from the audience!! All I have to say is that Enrique won me over as a bona fide fan, I would happily see him in concert again.

After Enrique, came Jennifer Lopez … at last, after YEARS of wishing she would tour, J. Lo took the stage and KILLED IT ENTIRELY!

So many hits, so much dancing, so much fun! I think J. Lo was in love with me because she kept coming over to me. She held my hand for about 2 seconds and I damn near lost my shizz. She felt my engagement ring and gave me a look like Damn! Hahahaha. I screamed like a little girl … it was the best. Here is video I shot of J. Lo’s performance of Let’s Get Loud. Watch it to the very end and you’ll see J. Lo come over to me AGAIN to hold my hand:

I cannot believe I almost missed this show. It was a night full of hit pop songs. Both Enrique and J. Lo put on amazing shows. His performance was more stripped down, just big video screens as a backdrop. Her performance was OVER THE TOP fun! Great costumes, great dancing, great use of the wind machine. I really, really had a crazy fun time last night. I’m REALLY tempted to go back for their second show tonight … SO TEMPTED. If you get the chance to see these two in concert either together or separately — GO! I promise you will have a lot of fun.

Since I prolly won’t go back to see these two in concert again, I’m planning to meet up with Darion and some friends to see Streeptease — a theater production that features many of Meryl Streep’s most famous characters … all played by men. LOL!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

  • nicole

    ooooh im so happy you got to go to this concert! i went to the show in Toronto a few weeks ago and LOOOOOVED IT! (and it looks like we had roughly the same seats!)

    i’ve had the please of seeing these two perform a couple times, always worth the money. the put on amazing shows! and boy does that Jlo know how to rock a stage.

  • rawrkristy

    yayyy! i’m so happy that enrique has won you over! i totes remember that whole britney spears debaucle way back when so i was surprised to see that you actually went to see him in concert. i saw him last year in toronto when he toured with pitbull and he did the same thing and pulled up a fan from the crowd, so cute! and when he did he even told security to just let everyone who was in the higher up seats come down to the floor level and my girls and i actually ended up in front row! so epic!

    • @rawrkristy — He was so good. Maybe I’ll see you at a future Enrique show ;)

  • BAlito

    Did she fall on min. 2:18??? Ouch…

    • LOL. I think it was a “flourish” ;D

  • Shannon

    “She held my hand for about 2 seconds and I damn near lost my shizz. She felt my engagement ring and gave me a look like Damn!”

    LMAO. I am cracking up over here, Trent! This is too funny; I can’t believe you stunted on Barry Gordy! And I can’t wait to hear about this Meryl Streep show, lol!

  • rOXy

    Dayum…Trent. Not only do you score front row seats, you also get personal attention from JLo herself. I am a HUGE fan of hers, and I would have fainted if that happened to me. Thank you for allowing those of us less fortunate to vicariously share in this epicness. I am jellus. For days and days on end.

    “So many hits, so much dancing, so much fun! I think J. Lo was in love with me because she kept coming over to me. “…. I just can’t even imagine what that must have been like.

  • mario

    I love JLO to pieces, she is stunning but seriously I had a much different experience at the show. Those costumes were so glittery/sparkly and just tacky. It was Cher meets Liza meets Charo meets the bedazzler from hell. The stage looked like it was funded by a high school car wash. Not the business right there. We had a blast tho, great drinks at Katsuya! Btw…there must have been a boatload of gay men cause Enrique pulled a gay man on stage Friday too.

  • Gabe

    I missed this concert :( it looks super fierce. I hope she films a show! I’d love to watch this on blu ray. She looks amazing!