Lana Del Rey’s H&M Campaign Photos Are Here!


Last month we got our first peek at Lana Del Rey as the new face of H&M, and it was pretty fun– if you’re into the LDR poof and signature cat-eye make-up, that it. Trent predicted that the new photos would most likely give us more of the same, and he was absolutely right. The rest of the campaign photos are very LDR; tragic face, nude lip, pointy fingernails, and all that jazz, lol. If you’re getting tired of this look on her, you’ve been warned! But if you’re like me, and still loving her (especially for that National Anthem video with A$AP Rocky), then get your look on and enjoy!


  • nicole

    these pictures are just so….. dull.

  • rawrkristy

    i love me some LDR but i’m really not feeling these photos. and those nails have got to go lol