Kirsten Dunst And The ‘Bachelorette’ Ladies Get A Feature In ‘Elle’ Magazine


A little while back we got to see the first trailer for Kirsten Dunst’s next film Bachelorette, which also stars Rebel Wilson (!!!), Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan. While the trailer was fun, I heard that the NSFW one (wherever it is) does better justice to the film everyone was raving about at Sundance; here’s hoping we get to check that one out soon! In the meantime, the lovely ladies of Bachelorette (minus Rebel Wilson, wahhh!) have a new feature in Elle magazine. Check out the gallery to see how amazing the girls look (rocking Miu Miu, Derek Lam, DKNY, and more), and you can read an excerpt from the interview with the director, inside. Among other things, she talks about how the female version of a Judd Apatow movie is totally depressing… unless it’s done right.

Leslye Headland talks about her new movie Bachelorette with Elle:

When wickedly funny Los Angeles playwright Leslye Headland first began taking meetings with Hollywood executives, she heard the same question on repeat: “They’d ask,‘What’s the female version of an Apatow movie?’ I would always say, ‘Depressing.'” Audiences love a man-child, but would they find “a woman struggling with her femininity” just as funny? Turns out they do. Bachelorette, Headland’s raucous Sundance hit, in theaters this month, is hilarious, twisted, and startlingly incisive. On the eve of a wedding, three early-thirties bridesmaids lean hard into old archetypes—the ditz (Isla Fisher), the nympho (Lizzy Caplan), and the alpha female (Kirsten Dunst)—and wrestle with their own inadequacies as the rotund runt of their high school pack (the always-game Rebel Wilson) beats them all to the altar, with a Disney- perfect prince to boot. Make no mistake: This isn’t Bridesmaids. Headland spins her premise into something grittier, a fiercely sharp send-up of the idea, she says, “that there’s a checklist by which women should live their lives, so that they’re always defining themselves by what they don’t have.”

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Okay, I’ve never had beef with Elle magazine, but did they seriously just refer to my girl Rebel as ‘the rotund runt’ of the group?! I know it’s kind of a part of the plot (Rebel plays the girl who’s least-expected to get married first), but I thought that description was a bit much. Maybe that’s just me though!

You can watch Bachelorette on VOD right now! Do it!



  • katie

    Boo at that comment! Why no Rebel in the shoot either? She is absolutely fantasic. Did you see her on Jimmy Kimmel rapping Kris Kross? Loved it!

    • Shannon

      katie, Kris Kross whaaaaat?! I’m on google in 5…4…3…2… lol

    • Shannon

      OMG. She killed the ‘I missed the bus’ bit, lol!

  • Jenn

    uhhhhh. fuck. elle. im guessing she isn’t in the shoot due to her ‘rotundness’. how can you do a spread on ‘the bachelorette’ and leave out the bachelorette? LAME

    • Shannon

      Jenn, thanks for commenting. I still can’t believe they used that word!

  • jg

    I love Rebel, and was excited to see this movie on VOD last week….but sadly it’s absolutely horrendous. Not funny in the slightest and frankly quite ‘mean’ at times. Very disappointed. Holding out my hope for Pitch Perfect.

    • Shannon

      jg, Nooooooooo! Noooooo! I was so worried about that because the trailer wasn’t all that funny, but then I heard that the trailer cut out all the good stuff… agh. Yikes. That sucks, but yes I think Pitch Perfect will save all.

  • Janaegal

    A bit much is leaving her out of the shoot!!! Like, how does that happen. Elle is so pretentious sometimes!

    • Shannon

      Janaegal, I wanted to believe that she was out of town or something… but maybe it was something douchier than that, lol.

  • Wynter

    Pitch Perfect needs to get here sooner.