Taylor Swift Announces Her New Album ‘Red’ During A Fan Webchat


Taylor Swift hosted a online webchat thing that was broadcast online and she used the opportunity to annonce the forthcoming release of her new album Red and debut her new single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Red will hit stores in October and, as you might guess, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is Taylor’s latest break-up song anthem (I wonder who it’s about). Click below to learn more about Taylor’s new music release, listen to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and watch her 24+ minute webchat in full … if you dare!

Taylor Swift is one artist who knows how to make a splash, and that was apparent in her YouTube webcast on Monday night. She interacted with her legion of fans, answering plenty of questions and dropping the news that the music world has been waiting for. “I have a new album coming out October 22, and I wanted to tell you about it,” she said to a crowded audience. The album title is “Red.” Swift also unveiled the album cover online. Swift said she has been working on the record for a while, and was excited to share the news of the upcoming release. When asked about the name of the album, Swift said it stemmed from one of the titles of the songs on the disc – which was inspired by the many emotions she has felt in her relationships over the past two years. “Red” will contain 16 songs. “I wrote so many songs for the album that it was hard to choose the ones that would make it,” Swift said. She admitted that she had over 30 songs to choose from before narrowing the track list down to 16. The first single from “Red” will be “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which will be available on iTunes tonight at midnight. She playfully introduced the song as being for “my lovely ex-boyfriend.” Swift was very open with viewers, telling fans that she preferred not to read news reports about herself – in case there were any inaccuracies. “I have no idea what the general perception is about me,” she said. One difference between “Red” and “Speak Now” — her previous album — was that Swift enlisted the help of several of her favorite songwriters. “I’m so excited for you to hear the music, and the new direction,” she said. The album will contain a duet with British musician Ed Sheeran that the pair co-wrote together. Swift was also asked about her tour schedule, and said that she would be doing “a lot of traveling, all over everywhere.” She didn’t offer too many details, only saying that she has been working on plans for a concert tour over the past couple of months. Look for a media blast for Swift during release week. She said she plans on being in several different countries that week, as well as a promotional stop in New York City.

OMG. So, I know Taylor never confirms who her songs are about but … because Jake Gyllenhaal was the most high-profile guy she’s been with since the release of her last album, I can’t HELP but think that Jake is the guy she is singing about in her new single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Take a listen to the track and see what you think:

I mean, is it possible that this song is about our dear Jakey poo? It’s possible that the pair did break-up and get back together again before breaking-up again for good. We did see photos of them together off and on for a bit. THO, I have a hard time picturing Jake being the one endlessly pursuing Taylor and she being uninterested. Blah, we may never know for sure but … what do you think? If not Jake, then any guesses?

If you have some time and want to watch, here is the full webcast of Taylor’s webchat:

Taylor Swift strikes again, y’all. Are we excited?

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  • jenn

    This song seems way too *tween* for Jake, if it is for him, I just don’t get it… definitely not my fav break-up/Taylor song.

  • Lulu

    It’s catchy, as usual :) No clue who it’s really about but I could see it being Jake.

  • nicole

    ummm since when did she start sounding like Avril Lavigne?

  • smASH

    I like that she’s exploring different sounds. The country crowd might take awhile to come around to it, but like beautiful Shania Twain did in her career, shaking things up and crossing genres isn’t a bad thing. Everyone will come around. Takes a lot of guts to put out something that sounds different (more pop) than she’s done in the past. I love everything she does!

  • Krissy

    It is like she is emotionally stunted at 15 years old. I can’t believe she is putting out ANOTHER album filled with pouty break up songs. It is hard to believe she is 22!

  • rawrkristy

    wuiiiii!! i’m so excited for new taylor swift music!!

  • Daryl

    My money is on Will Anderson (from Parachute) on this break up song. They dated briefly and Will seems a little “Indie” IMO. They dated briefly in Nov 2011.

    • @Daryl — Oooh, good guess.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I don’t see Jake with this song at all, but I am sure there will be a song or two on the album on that relationship. ;) I am so excited for this new album! It seems like she will be trying some new sounds, which I love!

  • Zeke

    How many guys has she dated so far???
    Will Anderson, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, the Kennedy kid, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner…
    Gosh, she has enough material to release ten more albums full of break-up songs

  • Nisim Z Fra

    This is an Avril wannabe song. It sounds nothing like her, its horrible. Leave Max Martin to Britney

  • Nicole O’Brien

    Not my favorite T-Swift song, but it might grow on me.
    I don’t really understand why people are surprised that she continues to write about her love life, when every other songwriter does the same thing. It’s not like she’s really breaking new ground with the concept of writing about failed relationships. Anyone who has listened to her albums would also know that, although the majority of songs are about relationships, that’s not all she writes about. Plus, the girl is in her early 20’s, which is the time where most people will date around, and none of us know how many of these guys were actually serious relationships.

    • ClaireMichelle

      THIS. I agree with all of this.

  • Libby

    I heard the title to this song and was immediately turned off – and even the first listen I didn’t really like it. But it has grown on me a LOT and right now I love it!