Watch: These Chicago Artists Are Using Hip-Hop And Theatre To Change The Game


Forget about that Luv Dem Strippers video we just saw the other day– some Hip-Hop can actually change the world. Now y’all know I love me some trap music, but I also love, love, love when people actually use their art for something other than a stack of singles at King Of Diamonds! LuvyaWeezy. My roommate from Sarah Lawrence just put me on to GOOD Maker, a site that’s kind of like Kickstarter, but community members vote on different art projects that are designed to meet a specific challenge. Turning Points is an absolutely brilliant challenge that encourages people to come up with art-based projects that will positively affect their community. My vote is going to these guys in the video; The Stone Soup Theatre Project and Animate Objects are collaborating on an ensemble performance about local heroes who transformed their lives and became community leaders. The $5,000 grant would fund the project and allow them to do crazy, sexy, hip-hop, artsy things for da kids. Ummm I went to art school and it changed my life so yeah, please give them this money, lol! Shouts-out to Animate Objects; you can learn more about them here and check out theirĀ GOOD Maker campaign here!


  • Aquil

    Thanks for the shout-out, Shannon! We were listening to a brother who works for Cease Fire doing gang intervention and violence prevention work tell us about the moment, while incarcerated for a violent crime, when he broke down and realized that his life simply HAD to change. It occurred to us that young people headed down similar paths need to hear these stories and be reminded that even in the toughest of circumstances they can still make positive contributions to the world. I hope your readers check out the page and cast their votes for our project. I really believe we have the opportunity to change some lives with this one.
    Respect – Aq

    • Shannon

      Aquil, I love what you guys are doing! Thanks for sharing this story. I fully expect y’all to get that grant and look forward to receiving my ticket to the final performance :)