Watch: Spice Girls Reunite For The Closing Ceremonies Of The London 2012 Olympic Games


Early in the day yesterday Victoria Beckham shared a couple of behind the scenes photos from the Closing Ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Right now, we get to watch the Spice Girls reunion performance IN FULL right here, right now. The Spices performed a short medley of their hit singles Wannabe (remixed with an interesting dubstep breakdown) and Spice Up Your Life. After their performance, Vicki B. and Melanie Brown each shared photos of the reunited Spice Girls backstage at the show. Click below to see those photos … but only after you watch the amazing performance video above.

We did it!! I love u girls so much!!!!! xxx vb / Soooo much fun!

Despite the fact that Vicki B. kinda looks miserable in both photos, I believe that all of the Spice Girls really enjoyed reuniting for one more MAJOR live performance. Honestly, and I’m not kidding here, the Spice Girls performance was the most fun, most exciting for me. I watched the entire Closing Ceremonies show live as it happened in London and the only part that I truly loved entirely was the performance by the Spices. It is very possible that we may never get to see all 5 Spice Girls perform together again like this so we must relish this moment. What started as a rumor finally came to be … the Spice Girls reunited for oen more performance. Praise be the gods!

So what did YOU think of the Spice Girls’s performance? What did you think of the Closing Ceremonies over all?

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  • nicole

    ok the Spice Girls clearly didnt get enough stage time. they were done way too soon for my liking.

    overall…the closing started kind of slow…but when all the music started..oh man was it good.

  • nicole

    the only part i didnt like is when they had Jessie J singing the Queen song. she was horrible. they easily could have found someone better

  • Lindsey Schaaf

    WOOHOOO! I loved them so much. It was awesome! I hope they do another tour together. I was shocked! Great performance! xoxoxo

  • Patrick

    Must disagree. Spice Girls were the low point of the evening. VB and GH looked embarrassed and the Mels were embarrassing!!!!!!!! Why do groups do this? Leave the past behind.

  • Eri

    This performance made me…cry? Wtf, I know. There is something so timeless about the cheesiness that is the Spice Girls. Brings me way back.

  • Bethany

    The best part is at about 1:36 or so where four of them are singing and having a good time clustered together, and Posh is off at the other end of the area POSING. Oh Victoria, never change.

  • Lauri

    Yay for this post! I had to watch this muted on the tv at work while “Brass Monkey” was playing.

  • Shannon

    LOVE the GIF!

  • jenn

    That was my ish. If they decide to go on tour, I am soooo there!

  • Nathan

    Victoria was the reason I thought this might not happen. I was actually surprised she agreed to do this but I think that had a lot to do with it being in London. I can’t see Victoria ever performing with the girls again – though I do hope Emma, Geri, and Mel C and B perform again.
    The girls did it without Geri, who is a strong performer. They could easily do it without Victoria.

  • nicole

    they needed more stage time IMO – there clearly wasnt enough spice time lol.

  • claire

    I LOVE that gif. I just spent half my afternoon watching old Spice Girls videos because I honestly could not remember if VB was always so full-on posing. Yup, she was. Love it.

  • rOXy

    This was a great performance. They all looked fantastic. Geri looked amazing, but no one, no one, can touch Vicki B. They way the train on her dress fluttered behind her….just fierce.

  • Jade

    Victoria looks amazing for someone who had four kids! And Mel B looks HOT as well with three…loving the curves. All of them have aged quite well over the years.

  • Dezden
  • Holly

    I love how their style has remained close to how it was. They all still have their “personalities”. Love the Spice Girls!!! They need another tour!

  • Patrick

    So you people censor comments on here? I wrote that I was not impressed with the SG performance, and my post was removed. What kind of site is this, are you paid to promote or favourably review these type of stories?????

    • @Patrick — What are you talking about? You post under the names “Billy” and “Patrick” and all of your comments are still online. Perhaps you forgot which named you used to comment?

      Billy | Submitted on 2012/02/06 at 11:57 pm | U Americans are such prudes!

      Billy | Submitted on 2012/03/24 at 3:48 am | Poor old woman, she should be allowed to retire. Surely she has enough money now to ret6ire with dignity?

      Patrick | Submitted on 2012/08/12 at 10:52 pm | Must disagree. Spice Girls were the low point of the evening. VB and GH looked embarrassed and the Mels were embarrassing!!!!!!!! Why do groups do this? Leave the past behind.