VH1 Cancels Evelyn And Chad Johnson’s Reality Series ‘Ev And Ocho’


Fans of Evelyn Lozada will have to get their reality show kicks elsewhere for a while. We’ve been covering reports of domestic violence against the Basketball Wives star and the story is still unfolding in major ways. After learning that Evelyn’s NFL-playing husband Chad Johnson (AKA Ochocinco) was arrested for head-butting his wife during an argument, we found out that Chad had been fired from the Miami Dolphins. Now it seems that both of them are getting pink slips, as VH1 has just cancelled the couple’s forthcoming reality show Ev And Ocho, which was set to make its premiere in just a few weeks. Deets inside.

ET has the story:

VH1 has decided to pull the upcoming Ev & Ocho reality show from their lineup due to Chad Johnson’s arrest Saturday night following an altercation with his wife, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada.

“Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series ‘Ev and Ocho’ from its schedule and has no current plans of airing it,” VH1 said in a statement.

VH1’s eight-part series Ev & Ocho was set to air in September, and while wedding dress shopping in May, Evelyn told TheInsider.com that the spinoff will focus on their real-life wedding and relationship — fights and all.

“What I’ve noticed with a lot of dating shows with couples, you don’t really see the real. Everything’s all great, and everything’s peaches and cream, and for me and him, we’re like an open book,” she said. “We speak about everything. We’re very controversial with the conversations we have, but we’re also just very real as to the things we deal with. … Maybe Chad will get cursed out a couple of times. I’m just saying … which he has.”

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I can only imagine the kind of footage VH1 got for this series, and I’m sure it makes sense to cancel the show now. Everything will be seen and understood in a different context, especially if the two were fighting at all. It is so crazy to see the domino effect this story is having and I’m even starting to feel for Evelyn, especially as people are going in on her on Twitter. Evelyn and Chad have yet to make any public statements, but I’m certain we’ll be hearing plenty more about this case in the coming days.

Now people who read the network’s statement are also accusing VH1 of being hypocritical, having aired Basketball Wives in spite of the violence– much of which is attributed to Evelyn. Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta has also had its fair share of violence, and it’s still on and poppin’. Do y’all think they’re right to cancel this series, or does it show some kind of unfair bias?




  • muchacha

    Shannon, I just read that Ochocinco was previously arrested for domestic violence back in 2000. There goes my vision about him being harmless…

    • Shannon

      muchacha, I saw this too. You just never know, right?