No Doubt Releases The Tracklisting For Their New Album ‘Push And Shove’


A couple of days ago we got our first look at the album artwork for No Doubt’s new album Push and Shove, due out next month. Today we get to see the titles of the 11 songs that will be featured on the album. As you may know, No Doubt teamed up with Diplo on the production of the title song but the rest of the album was produced by Mark Spike Stent. Click below to see the tracklisting for No Doubt’s new album and get excited … we’ll be hearing these new tunes ver very soon.

No Doubt have revealed the tracklisting for their long awaited comeback album ‘Push and Shove’. The album is the California band’s first for over 10 years, with their last album ‘Rock Steady’ coming out back in 2001 and has been confirmed to feature a total of 11 tracks. The band’s recent single ‘Settle Down’ serves as the album’s opening track, with rumoured inclusions Undercover’, ‘Easy’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Dreaming The Same Dream’ also making the cut. ‘Push And Shove’ is due for release on September 24 in the UK and on September 25 in the US. It was originally due to be released before Christmas 2011, but the band revealed in September of last year that they had pushed back its release date so they could “make sure it’s the best album we can possibly make”. The band worked with super-producer Diplo on the title track, with the rest of the album produced by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent. The tracklisting for ‘Push and Shove’ is as follows:

‘Settle Down’
‘Looking Hot’
‘One More Summer’
‘Push And Shove’
‘Dreaming The Same Dream’

Yes, yes … this tracklisting looks cool but until we get to hear what these songs sound like, they’re just words. Very soon, tho, we will get to hear snippets of these songs and then we can get a better understanding of what the album vibe will be. Keep in mind, these 11 songs are the ones that will be included on the standard version of the album. There will likely be a deluxe version with a few bonus tracks. I can’t wait to hear them all but … in due time. It shant be long now ’til we get to hear something new.


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