Listen: Kid CuDi Releases A New Track Titled ‘Just What I Am’

The Kid Is Back!
I'm Just What You Made Me

I’ve been paying close attention to the Kid they call CuDi since 2008 when first started working with Kanye West… and I found out he was from Cleveland. Hells yeah! CuDi went to high school in Shaker Heights, right next door to Shaker Square in C-town (where I had my very first big girl apartment) and although the NYC influence bears down heavily upon him, I see and hear the remnants of Cleveland in his music and I love, love, love it! Kid CuDi dropped a new track last night from his forthcoming solo project titled indicud. Just What I Am begins as an open letter to God, and then transforms into an open lurve letter to kush… that’s also still, a letter to God. It’s KuDi! King Chip (formerly known as Chip Tha Ripper) features on the track, and I am so feelin’ the mellow stylings of our boy Kud. He also handled the production, which was a good move on his part. Kind of loving this song that I’m getting ready to play again, and possibly again. Free download here!

Any Kid CuDi fans in the proverbial building?


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  1. Amélie

    I’m looking forward to hearing more new tracks… I still haven’t recovered from the end of How To Make It In America. New music will help healing.

    • Amélie, were you into CuDi’s show? I heard conflicting things about it, but I was always interested.

    • YEAH totally, i watched, well, let’s say i devoured all the episodes in a week (i’m French, can’t watch it on TV). I didn’t know it was cancelled when i finished it and when i found out i almost cried ahah. I think it was brilliant : one of the best shows for a few years. Great cast, real issues… + NYC. ^^

    • Okay, good to know! I’ll put the show on my ginormous ‘WATCH’ list :) Thanks Amélie… of course you’re French, lol! Give Audrey Tautou a hug for me. I know you must see her, like, every day.

    • Of course, everyday ! Getting tired of her actually. ^^

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